Saturday, 29 November 2014

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 Movie Review

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 (PG-13)

Length:- 2 hrs. 3 min.

"The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1" is the third installment in the film series based on the books by same by Suzanne Collins.There was something fascinating about these games that they were kind of unique from the others. Some of the rules are always hidden and even players might not be aware of them.The film series tries to create a new world with new rule like the book.Yet there was always some sort of dragging plot and missing amusements and surprises in all the part of film. We expect more, we are starving , we need some more twist and turns, we might want some more fights and action sequences.These are some of the expectations which atleast I had when i went to watch these movies. Well sometimes you don't get what you expect.The Hunger Games  world is full of sorrow and there isn't any rejoice. 

The District 13 is badly damaged so we see an obvious as expected hope from Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) for fight for them. She is  under the guidance of President Coin (Julianne Moore). All we see is the concern, sorrow and sadness from Katniss towards her boyfriend and other district members for the most part. Jennifer Lawrence is a girl here who brings something natural and realistic to her performance.Yet we might want to see a spark, a brightness and the charm in her character which we saw last time. most of the other actors also doesn't get much chance to do something apart from being guided just by their character's.

It's a film which has talks for the most part and the preparation of a battle we may never see in this part. What we see is the people who are getting kind of warm up or getting some sort of net practice for the upcoming fight. It looks like dividing the last part of the book into two films wasn't a good decision as what we see in this part has zero face value.The conversions between the rivals are made through the television which was little unrealistic.Hoffman's character was underwritten or probably not shot much due to his death. The movie is predictable and looks half cooked which may not give you the taste of the dish which you might expect.

Verdict:- Above Average

Ratings:-2.5 / 5 Stars

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 Movie Official Trailer

Ungli Movie Review

Ungli (U/A)

Length:- 1 hr. 54 min.

"Ungli" is a movie which talks about fighting back against corruption but it sticks to some of the basic cases only. I believe that if such things needs to be shown.It should have had some more focus on some bigger cases,although the small cases does matter a lot.Since Inception the Ungli gang market image is overrated via media and public opinion in the film. Just after resolving just one case of a pension seeker senior citizen, this gang gets national attention just like that. Even they gets political and cops attention. In my opinion it sounds a bit less realistic.Also, we have a long list of special appearances which is a bit annoying rather than impressive."Ungli" also tries to cover numerous short shorties associated with corruption. It's wasn't boring rather it looks unnecessary after a while. 

The characters of Emraan Hashmi and Sanjay Dutt seems to be underestimated for almost half of the film. After that Emraan comes in action and the film gets an interesting turn.Actually Nikhil (Emraan Hasmi) joins Ungli gang but he does this for a special purpose. What's his purpose, do he really want to help them? This would be probably Sanjay Dutt's  second last film after he went to Jail. He would also be seen in "PK" later this year.

Ungli gang does have a background story in doing what they do? After Nikhil joins the gang they disclose the same to him. Nikhil gets a bit emotionally attached to the gang members.Film does get better in the second half yet it's not a satisfying entertainer. The romantic track between Nikhil and Maya (Kangana Ranaut) was awful.Movie does have moments but what it lacks is the charm of a thriller crime drama.

Verdict:- Average 

Ratings:- 2 / 5 Stars

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Happy Ending Movie Review

Happy Ending

Length:- 2 hrs. 15 min.

Saif Ali Khan is one of uncommon actors in Bollywood. Inspite of being a bit aged he is still seen in a youth centric films while his performance in the same was pretty good as well.We have another film from his acting career "Happy Ending".This time we have a rom-com set in exotic locations in the US west-coast.We have good looking american girls, intellectual screenplay, smart camera work and few Bollywood beauties. "Happy Ending" had a great start with some youthful, energetic and exciting ingredients yet all of these seems to be convoluted after a while. We might get bored with all of the intellectually exciting moments. Yudi (Saif Ali Khan) was a successful writer with a book he wrote five and half years ago but now he is an struggling actor in search of a new inspiration. He got a rival writer, a female rom-com writer Aanchal (Illena D'Cruz) by whom he gets inspired.

The dialogues are written in a comic yet witty and intellectual way.All of this could have been much more entertaining if you could have got something unique in the plot. We have all the story in the form in chapters like its being written in a book. What's missing in the film is creativity which could have given us something really good and satisfying. The no. of characters are also a bit on the higher side. Every character has some kind of problem in their life e.g. Montu (Ranvir Shorey) couldn't come up as an aggressive husband. Secondly, his ex. Vishaka (Kalki Koechlin) is pseudo intellectual who couldn't accept that they break-up.

We also have Kareena Kapoor in a cameo appearance and  Preity Zinta playing another ex. of Yudi. I just have one thing to say that too many hot girls may not make a sexy film. We can even understand the formula of making a rom-com film yet we didn't a god film."Go Goa Gone" director who create a nice ambiance last repeats the same mistake this time as well.We just get an intellectual ambiance but not a great film. Saif and Illena are not bad actors but there seems to be issue in good understanding of the demand of roles. They does a good job as an individual but not as a pair.

Overall, the film isn't boring yet not convincing.Over personification of a writer hurts a bit. Govinda brings a little charm to the film but his comically entertaining body language and dialogue delivery.Yet, Govinda's role looks a bit underestimated and underwritten for the most part.

Verdict:- Average 

Ratings:- 2 / 5 Stars

Happy Ending Movie Official Trailer

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Interstellar Movie Review

Interstellar isn't just another sci-fi movie its rather a journey of how far we can go to save our planet and the humanity.Cooper ( Matthew McConaughey) is an educated yet not so rich man.His extraordinary abilities are famous up until NASA. Christopher Nolan is an extraordinary director who creates a unique and original work through his films. Whether it's "Inception", "Batman Begins", "The Dark Knight" most of his films were highly appreciated both by the film critics and audiences. Also, his movies are a bit complex to understand because they might involve a deep and indulging thought process."Interstellar" reminds me of the another space based sci-fi film "Gravity". Although it's way to different from the same. We have a mission of saving the planet earth which cannot be done easily. Even is this movie's plot it takes years and years. The dialogues include a lot of scientific discussion. I honestly couldn't understand some of it.

Yet the journey involved the question on human existence on earth, the time theory, gravity, understanding of love and a lot more. Cooper is one of the best pilot who can be send for a mission. here, everything on this mission seems to be ready for him. there isn't much of the time waste for starting the mission. So, Cooper leaves for a mission in space by leaving his daughter Murphy (Mackenzie Foy) and a son along with his father. The relationship between is the father and daughter has a strong bond that even after meeting each other for decades their love bondage remains the same. The film was a bit longer that it could have been.

Years and years passes by and the team send with Cooper seems to be struggling in finding in a way. Cooper's team on mission includes himself, , biologist Amelia (Anne Hathaway); physicist Romilly (David Gyasi); geographer Doyle (Wes Bentley); and robots TARS (Bill Irwin). So, these guys discuss a lot to find a scientific solution to save humanity. I found this movie really serious for the most part.There isn't any kind of humor included because of which movie becomes a bit cumbersome for a while.The best part was the spectacular visuals and the performance of a great actor Mathew McConaughey. He is really hard to take eyes off. Mackenzie Foy leaves a good impression in a short role.

Verdict:- Thought Provoking 

Ratings:- 3.5 / 5 Stars

Interstellar Movie Official Trailer

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 7

"Criminal Minds" is a really old crime thriller drama TV Series.The killers are being examined by the a group of FBI agents. These guys actually research about the killer by creating some kind of a profile match and then finding the guy who matches that profile.It's incredible that this TV Series has come up to the Season 10 and Episode 7. This episode is named "hashtag". It focused on social media including and specially Twitter. So, in this episode we have a girl who is really famous on Twitter. She takes a lot of selfies, the trend is the social media is full of selfies. The girl gets killed and the killer is called selfie killer. 

But the killing like to be called as Mirror Man. So , he kills more in order to be even more on Twitter. This episode is such an example of the madness behind the social media  in youth including teenagers. Teenagers are kind of mad towards their social status. It's not uncommon that people actually gets into trouble through social media whether it's cyber bullying, committing suicide and many more.Teenagers are a little immature and gets more involved in such kind of social media crap.

The motto of the killer also seems to be the get famous through hashtag of the Mirror Man.The episode was kind of interesting because its shows the phenomenon followed by the young teenagers towards social media madness.Taking down this killer was the best part as we are shown two other guys as a prime suspect.The actual killers seems to be someone different. You can find while watching episode 8 of " Criminal Minds". 

Ratings:- 7.1 / 10

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Avengers:Age of Ultron Movie Trailer Review

Avengers are back to save the world again like they did it last time. The whole team is already united in the last time. So, we won't be actually wasting time in united them and they can work directly on a mission. All the superheros Iron Man - Tony Stark played by Robert Downey Jr. seems to have an enemy again wearing Iron man suit. The background music is motivational in a action oriented way.  The disaster from which the superheros like Hulk, Captain America, Thor and others. The negative character says to the superheros that "You want to save the world but you don't want to save it".Although the trailer of the film was already leaked on internet sometime back. Yet Officially its being released on YouTube by now. the time also it is expected that the film must be even more giant. After the huge success of "The Avengers" critically as well as box-office. I am expected this to be even more giant action sci-fi film. As it looks from the trailer its excited to see all the superheros united to fight for the saving the world.

Avengers is the one of the biggest superhero franchise. This one was one the first films which has this many superhero in the same film. Usually there are just one or two superheros in the film yet we have numerous superheros "The Avenger". The sequel "Avengers:Age of Ultron" is looking good as far the trailer is considered."Age of Ultron" is also considered to be the next installment in Iron Man series. It will actually take the story from it was finished "Iron Man 3". The cinematography not as good as expected . there isn't much revealed in the trailer of the film. I mean I was certainly expecting more in terms of story form the trailer.

Ultron is the age when a Iron Man suits wearing machines which were supposed to help the humans. Actually the artificial intelligence of machines somehow becomes enemy of humans itself. Tony Stark thinks that they won't be able to change the world. Black Widow tells Tony that "Nothing lasts forever".S.H.I.E.L.D seems to be destroyed and everything seems to have gone out of hand even from our superheros.How will they save the world from this disaster? Can they change the world or will just save it again? Is there any way to destroy Ultron?

Verdict:- Just good nothing else

Ratings:-  3 / 5 Stars

Avengers:Age of Ultron Movie Official Trailer

PK Movie Teaser Review

Aamir Khan is one of the finest actor of Indian Cinema. He is not just an actor he is a successful director, producer, social worker and what not. His films in the past recent few years has changed the way films are being made in Bollywood. "Taare Zameen Pe" was his first own creation after that he looks back . He consistently gave the films which we unique probably of different genre. One thing which was common in  all of his films was he gave some kind of a quality cinema. Ye if the film is not his soul creation the expectations literally comes down like it happened with the movie "Dhoom 3". We have had seen numerous entertaining and thought provoking films from his home production "Aamir Khan Productions".After a gap he is coming up with his a new comedy film "PK" with Rajkumar Hirani. He did "Three Idiots " with Rajkumar Hirani sometime back and this film become one of the most fascinating comedy films of Bollywood. 

"PK" is an upcoming comedy film which Aamir Khan has declared a long time ago. Finally, he will be seen in a role of a funny guy named PK itself. He is unique in his etiquette and mannerism yet everything seems to be funny. Anuskha Sharma will be playing friend of PK who loves him for what he does. There is huge possible that PK will be someone who won't be the one he looks like. May be we can expect a background story like it happened in "Three Idiots".Although we cannot be certain about the same. There are lot of other similarities between PK and Three Idiots like the character of Aamir is the unique one. Secondly, he one of the most loved person and also center of attraction.

This time we have a long starcast in the supporting role- Sanjay Dutt, Sushant Singh Rajput, Saurabh Shukla, Boman Irani to name a few. Yet the center of attraction for this film would be the one and only Aamir Khan. There is much which is being disclosed about the film in the Teaser about the film. Only about a month is left in the release of the film. "PK" will be releasing on 19th December 2014. Once the trailer of the film is disclosed we may get a better idea of how this film is gonna be?  In my opinion this film is gonna be a really funny watch. 

The fact cannot be denied that the Teaser is a little confusing and it may not sound that exciting too. Still if you watch it couple of times you may get a better understanding of it. Also, the point of view towards this film may get positive. Hope to get the trailer released soon.

Verdict:- Funny and Comic

Ratings:- 3 / 5 Stars

PK Movie Teaser Official Trailer

The Vampire Diaries Season 6:Episode 6 Review

In the Vampire Diaries so far we have Damon stuck on the other side who is back now. Stefan's new girlfriend has turned into a vampire. Damon meets Stefan very first. This series based on the book by L J Smith.I must say that this series is getting better with each and every episode.After every episode I am even more curious to what's gonna happen next. I am both surprised, satisfied and excited at the same time.Here is the moment Damon tries to meets her girlfriend Elena.After being compelled Elena doesn't really wanna Damon because the feelings she has got for Damon are gone by now.

Everybody is worried that why isn't Bonnie is back while Damon is? Finally Elena agrees to meet Damon as she think that she cannot run away from Dam but Damon is attacked by someone before that.There is a bunch of Vampire Hunters in Mystic Falls. There isn't much known about them yet.This episode ends in totally unexpected way. Alaric is not Vampire anyway. Damon meets Elena finally. Caroline is little upset with Stefan. In my opinion this episode was one of episode which will make you starve for the further happening.It also looks Vampires are having hard time in understanding each other's feelings.

I kind of felt emotionally attached to the characters of "The Vampire Dairies" by now. everybody seems to be scattered by the emotional circumstances. The Vampire Hunters are new treat for Mystic Fall Vampires as of now. I don't see much being shown what happen's to Stefan's new girlfriend. After the comeback of Damon the character od Stefan seems to be little underestimated. After losing the Vampire powers Alaric won't be able Cajole Elena. So, How will Elena get back her love towards Damon? Will Caroline and Stefan will develop some kind of a relationship between each other? Is there any solution for Vampire Hunters in town?

Ratings:-  7.4 / 10 

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Big Hero 6 Movie Review

Disney Studio is known for their animation work. They have created the most adorable cartoon character "Mickey Mouse". They also bought a really good animation film last year "Frozen". This time also the same director Don Hall.This time we have a new creation a lovely health care companion by the name Baymax. Like the last time we saw an beautiful animation story based on Mickey Mouse before the film. This time we have a dog story by the name "Feast. "Feast" is short story about the a dog who makes the relationship of his owner and girlfriend work out.In "Big Hero 6" based on the Marvel comic character by the same name we have some nice animation work. Kids gonna love this character Baymax ,hecan scan any body and health issues and help them resolving it immediately.

In my opinion this is a really great movie set in US & Japan. We have a 14 year old high school graduate teenager scientist kind of guy.Hero Hamada (Ryan Potter)  who comes as a kids new inspiration in the film. This sci-fi animated film gives a kind of motivation for how to be generous and fight with our own inner demon. It also suggests that you need to take a look from a different angel or perspective when things doesn't work out. There was also a message of how to overcome the losses of our loved ones without whom we couldn't even imagine our life.

Hero Hamada has lost his brother Tadashi but he has left him a robot who will take of all of his injuries. Hero upgrades it with some fighting skills in order to catch his brother's killer with few of his friends. His friends tries to conceive him that killing a human is not in their protocol in spite of how bad he is? I thoroughly enjoyed this fantastic movie by Walt Disney including and exclusively Baymax. I would suggest and recommend this movie for family and kids to watch in the theaters.

Verdict:- Pretty Good

Ratings:- 3 / 5 Stars

Big Hero 6 Movie Official Trailer

Friday, 7 November 2014

The Shaukeens Movie Review

Honestly,I wasn't expecting much from "The Shaukeens" but I never thought that it will have utterly boring ingredients for the most part.In India old aged people are not given much of a importance including and specially by the young guys.But making such a preposterous film would never give them any kind of appreciation and the desired respect.On one hand we are have a TV Series named " Satyamev Jayate" which talks about live-in relationship of the older people and the disrespect given to them by their own children. On the other hand we have something which is not even truly admiring.

We have three characters two of which are married and have a grandson but yet are interested in relationship. Their life is full of ridiculous incidents which hardly make any sense.Most of the songs are awful and unnecessary. Akshay Kumar is not good in a special appearance as himself.This appearance was absolutely unnecessary.This actor is expressing his concern about the scripts and the films he is working on.

The new girl in industry named Ahana (Lisa Haudon) whose character turns from a generous girl to dump mad Akshay fan is sad to watch after a while.It was really hard for me to tolerate this drama which hardly shows something really good. 

Akshay Kumar is a bigger role than expected. I am not sure why he was conceived to do such kind of film.The message from the film is also not that good. Anupam Kher and Anu Kapoor  seems to be shown intentionally overage. All of this looks stupid and obnoxious for the most part like one of the diadlogue from the film by Ahana.

Verdict:-  Average

Ratings:-   2 / 5 Stars

The Shaukeens Movie Official Trailer

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Addicted Movie Review

"Addicted"is an erotic adventurous thriller drama. It's an adaptation from the bestselling novel by the same name.Sex, sex and even more sex is what I see in in the film.All of the characters are having some kind of erotic sex at a different places and time. For almost 15 minutes of the initial part of movie.Zoe (Sharon Leal) is a housewife living with his husband and two children.She consults with a psychiatrist who assures that her story will be best kept secret. She shares deadly secrets with the psychiatrist.

I don't see this movie making much of a progress for the most part.The situations and circumstances are quite generic.Also what I feel is this movie is a little backage in terms in story telling. Zoe has an affair with an artist Quentin Canosa (William Levy) who forced her to have sex with her. After a while she sleeps with more often than her husband Jason (Boris Kodjoe).Endless erotic scenes, preposterous execution makes this film unbearable after a while.It was hard to believe that how easy can a married woman sleep with external guy.

The plot is pretty simple so curiosity was never created. We see obvious things here with an erotic manner. How long can someone watch a film without much of a story sense.I honestly think that the film should have got more in terms of budget, story, screenplay and cinematography. I am sure they you might have seen many film's like this and may have find it pretty boring. Bille Woodruff is unable to do a good job here.

Verdict:- Boring

Ratings:- 1.5 / 5 Stars

Addicted Movie Official Trailer

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Ouija Movie Review

Ouija (PG-13)

Length:- 1 hr. 29 min.

"Ouija" is a horror film which involves calling of a ghost or evil spirits by the usual techniques. The cinematography is just looks average to me. The characters are mostly teenagers and the film's execution is slow."Ouija" is pretty much like a TV Series rather than a film. On the auspicious occasion of Halloween there isn't something good offered here. It's just a pretty simple story with a handful of guys and girls. I was thinking that this film could not create some kind of interest or curiosity. Also, after a while I thought what's going on here?It sounds like we are watching a film of probably 80's. The budget of "Ouija" also seems to be a concern.

We see Oliva Cooke playing a girl who for almost half hour does somethings which would not make much sense.After a while I thought what does the filmmaker wants to convey.Finally after half an hour of close to preposterous events we see something happening. A bunch of guys and girl about five of them started talking to spirit. This is where first time it was believable that it's an horror film.

Some kind of Ghost do contact these guys the next day on few of them were contacted by a ghost by writing "Hi Friend".Slowly the movie gets a little scary. The guys and girls trying to get some of the answers by calling the ghost in yes or no for the most part. Rest is being answered by the help of an instrument.A warning has been given by anonymous ghost that they should run and a mother is coming.

Laine (Oliva Cooke) tries to understand what went wrong with the evil spirit. She mets Paula (Li Shayne) who tells in brief how her mother turns into evil spirit. Actually that's not too much of help.Finally, Laine realizes that she needs to figure out something by herself.What she does to control the evil mother's ghost, is the part of climax.

Verdict:- Below Average

Ratings:- 1.5 / 5 Stars

Ouija Movie Official Trailer

John Wick Movie Review

John Wick (R)

Length:- 1 hr. 41 min.

I saw this actor after a really long time in screen. It seems that there much which is changed in him or his acting. Of course I talking about Keanu Reeves playing John Wick in the film by same name.John Wick is a simple, lonely, self-centric and individualistic guy not exactly. Like we saw in numerous movies the lead character  is not what he looks like.We will be introduced to the lead character's capabilities slowly slowly. In John Wick also we have some fighting sequences with a blasting background music just like the movie matrix .John Wick is actually a hit-man who is retired for past few years because his wife was way to sick and about to die in few years.

 Yet he starts everything again with the help of a small puppy dog given by his wife as a gift to survive without her.But something changes when two guys beats him and kill his dog in order to steal his car.If you do not like action or violent kind of film. This may certainly not be the one for you. "John Wick"  movie has too much of gunfire. A loud background music which present for the most part of the fighting sequences. Yet the film isn't that boring and the execution is fast. You may find the plot going somewhere in at a brisk pace.

The person who killed the dog and stole John's is son of his former employer.Now his employer is his antagonist.After about an hour the film story seems convoluted and everything looks obvious.The length of the film is almost fine because it finishes well in time. It's not dragging often and it has straight forward sequences including fighting ones. The film could have been more interesting if could have had somewhat more twists and turns. After John's identity and his enemy has been revealed there isn't much left in film to watch.

Keanu Reeves is a fine actor. he doesn't look far younger than he is. While watching the film I thought is this actor almost 50 years old? Doesn't seem like, he has almost everything for his fans. But for a true movie lover its just good for one time watch.

Verdict:- Good

Ratings:- 3 / 5 Stars

John Wick Movie Official Trailer

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Super Nani Movie Review

Super Nani (U)

Length:- 2 hrs. 13 min.

"Super Nani" is conventional kind of story about an Indian Nani. This film like others tells us that there is no respect of a traditional mother cum grandmother in a modern family.Rekha is extraordinary actress, she looks beauty even today. She played a character who tolerates each and every insult from her family members. She never responds back which is hard to believe. She is so loving and caring grandmother that even a negative character turns the other way around because of her. Something has to change in her life i.e. she should get the respect what she deserves. Yet the drama is entirely conventional and we may not feel anything interesting here. I am not sure how good was the Gujarati TV serial on which this film is based.

Indra Kumar who has made films like "Grand Masti" recently in my opinion he should have much more clear picture of what he wants to convey. The cinematography looks good yet the entirely convoluted plot is shagging and dragging. The Nani life is changed by her grandson American returned boy by Sharman Joshi. Both are actors Sharman and Rekha gives a fine performance in"Super Nani". What we needed was a proper structuring , introduction of numerous events and activities, and a final conclusion statement.

I really not sure that why Bollywood filmmaker never introduce a really plot in the film. They never comes up with a different or unique stories. We might even have good enough novels on which the films can be made. There is always a problem of budget or intellectual cinema. Both of them are hardly present in any films. Most part of the Bollywood films are wasted in unnecessary songs, unintentionally funny screenplay and marvelously sucking execution or a plotless film.

One more thing I feel that "Super Nani" is a kind of film takes you to probably backwards somewhere in 80's where you see such kind of stories. This is a part of many Bollywood films that instead of making it modern and yet traditional. Most of the films are traditional and conventional.

Verdict:- Boring

Ratings:-1.5 / 5 Stars

Super Nani Movie Official Trailer

Fast & Furious 7 Movie Trailer Review

"Fast and Furious" is one of the most fascinating movie franchise based on street riders. This franchise has come a long way to the part 7. Vin Diesel has the lead character role in the all sven parts and he played all of them with kind of natural acting touch.Thrilling action sequences, hot girls, tough guys doing crazy stuff was always a key ingredient of this series. We saw Vin Diesel jumps from a from a car to save one of his teammate girl in "Fast & Furious 6". This time we have recently passed away actor Paul Walker making even a better jump but time faster saving a girl. The trailer for the most part gives an overview of a particular action sequence. The film franchise has got Dwayne Johnson in the part 6. This time we have one of the most loved action film actor, none other than Jason Statham . Let see where whether he will take this franchise to the next level?

The girl got hotter in part 7 . Just take a look at the trailer this time we have much hotter girl frequently wearing bikini's. In the last part this factor was little bit on the lower side. The best dialogues of the film is by Vin Diesel, when he is told "like it or not you and your friend's are part of it now". He says "I don't have friends I got family". This was a lovely dialogue, it actually tells us that the friendship has gone ahead that main characters feel themselves like a family.  All we will have in the part 7 is the fighting got better, action sequences got faster and better, the girls got much hotter and sexy.The half of the trailer just shows probably one of the most breathtaking action sequence of the film.

I should say that Paul Walker death has given some importance to the film. Also, Introducing Jason Statham has added another charm to it. It cannot be denied that these kind of films are lesser plot oriented and yet they are pretty famous among the viewers. Because for the most part viewers enjoy watching the film which would actually be more enjoyable and entertaining. Whether it makes much sense or not?  So, we see here that we have a lot for such kind of viewers. But for the people who enjoy making more sense kind of cinema, I am not sure  how much this film is gonna offer it to them? Yet "Fast & Furious 7" is looks exciting enough to make something remarkable in the Hollywood box-office collections.

Verdict:- Fascinating

Ratings:- 3 / 5 Stars

Fast & Furious 7 Movie Theatrical Trailer

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Fury Movie Review


Length:- 2 hrs. 1 min.

"Deals are peaceful,history is violent" is one of the best quotes from the movie "Fury"."Fury" is a war action drama which is stick to what it wants to say. Set in 1945 this film is based on an Indo-German war. It's inspired from the true events of the history. Film starts with an impressive setup of the war like the tanks,gunfire, violence and the brutal action.All of this is so closely shot that you actually feel that you are watching it live. The liveliness of the gun and tank fire is shown in the form of radiations. Brad Pitt is the best part of the film. His performance is truly fascinating. he carries himself really well , delivers dialogues in a nice accent.He trains an immature boy how to kill a man. He asks him"Why you're here, you kill him or he kill you". This scene gives the close perspective of how a normal man feels when he gets involved in a war.


"Fury" also shows the sacrifice that army guys make by putting their life in danger.This sacrifice is often forgotten because people just see the problems in their day to day.As its a male dominating film in such cases females are usually neglected. Here, we got a scene with two females in which a boy impresses a girl and kisses her.this scene also kind of tells that what kind of moments military guys miss in their life.One problem which I see here was there isnot much twist and turns in the plot.

The final war scene between 5 american soldiers and 300 German soldiers is really motivating. Although American had a tank to fight with and Germans. For a good period of time American soldiers have to fight by coming out of the tank.But still fighting with so many soldiers is really tough. After a long really long fight something terrible happens.You may feel that we don't have something extraordinary here yet the movie is watchable and entertaining.


Ratings:-  3 / 5 Stars

Fury Movie Official Trailer