Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Vampire Diaries Season 6:Episode 2

Damon and Bonnie are stuck somewhere. Damon believes that it's hell because they are living the same day over and over.Elena is looking more and more beautiful in every episode.She wants to get compelled in order to forget Damon. Because she is sad that she cannot be with Damon.Even though Elena wants to get compelled yet she is unable to find out the when exactly she fell in love with Damon.Caroline finds where Damon is living.She wants to tell her that how much she missed him but Stefan says he has moved on. 

Stefan doesn't want any of his past.The dramatic movements are sometimes crazy which would actually make you feel thrilled.You actually feel love towards the characters.I personally felt that Damon should have given some more respect to Caroline and her feelings.He didn't seems to have much  when she meets him. I must say that "The Vampire Diaries" are becoming better and better with every episode. Damon and Bonnie founds that they are actually actually living the same day over and over again. 

Stefan also looks weak in small fighting scene which was certainly unexpected and surprising at the same time.Final, moment when Elena gets compelled and forgets Damon is fascinating. The camera takes various shots from unique angles to keep everything interesting.I would say plot is now switching to three different places. First one being Damon and Bonnie living on the other side and living the same day over and over again.Secondly, Caroline meeting Stefan with his girlfriend.Thirdly, trying to get compelled in order to forget Damon's love.

Damon is cooking pancake for breakfast consistently for the last episodes. I would say the the way this series is moving ahead plot is getting interesting and fascinating. 

Verdict:-  Pretty Fascinating

Ratings:- 8.0 / 10 Stars

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