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How to Get Away with the Murder (TV Series)

How to Get Away with the Murder: A TV Series with a different taste

ABC Channel has started a new and interesting TV Series by the name "How to get away with the Murder". It has something to do with the law in fact everything.A college played by an excellent Oscar nominee Viola Davis tries to teach her students practically through a case. From the day one she has an assignment after working on which she will select four people to work with her.She introduces a new approach in order to get away with the murder.1)discredit the witnesses 2) Introduce a new suspect 3)we bury the evidence.


There is an secretary who tried killed her boss probably through Aspirin poison.The story has kind of multilayered mystery in it.The Prof has some kind of issues of having a baby with husband. One of her student founds that she  is sleeping with someone else.He turns out to be a detective and a significant.The class conducted by Prof Annalise Keating is a lot of intellectual thought process based legal work. Every student wants to work with her so they try to collect the evidence in every way they can.

One of the student even does some kind of homosexual activity just to get an important email.Yet the central attention of the class is Wes Gibbons who is strangely intellectual student. He is the center of attraction for the class and prof. He also is probably the most under estimated student.Everybody has secrets while they tries to hide them to themselves.In the second episode there is a secret murder or killing. So the team and prof works on the same.The detective blackmails Prof that he is gonna tell everything about their intimidate connection to her husband.

The first episode was way too god while the second turns the things in a different way. I hope everything gets better with the third episode. Certainly "How to get away with the murder" is a TV series with a fascinating genre yet there is a need for improvement.Prof Annalise wants her students to learn by practicing the law rather by just mugging it up.She teaches in such a different way.Voila Davis is an extraordinary actress she brings a charm to her character.

Verdict:-  Fascinating

Ratings:-  7.0 / 10 

How to Get Away with the Murder Official Trailer

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