Thursday, 9 October 2014

Homeland Season 4 (TV Series)

Homeland Season 4:Episode 1 & 2

Homeland Season 4 is out with new episodes. It starts somewhere in Kabul , Afghanistan.Pentagon thinks that the investment on operational contractor support last year was $134 billion which is really high.The plot is mostly set in Pakistan and Afghanistan as these countries were involved in most of the terrorist activities.Carrie is the main intelligence officer involved in dangerous mission. Although there are two main characters associated with the mission. Aayan (Suraj Sharma) a guy is a saved from a building disaster. There are a lot of dialogues in Hindi/Urdu to suit the premises .The crowd, the ambiance and the environment is so nicely shot that you actually feel you are watch a live telecast of the same.

The street guys attacking  a white guy  was a scary scene in which the white guy is dragged from a car.A moving car is stopped and a white guy is particularly taken out in the middle of the streets .School of Medicine is the only thing which I personally liked as the spot in which "Homeland" is shot.The wedding video is leaked in which Aayan is present.So, he gets scared that american intelligence agency or some terrorist  is gonna find him.The officers return to US and they are so upset.After a while he gets some trouble from unknown people.

When the two main agents returns to US after  some of the terrible events at Pakistan they are actually pretty upset about their lives.In my opinion terrorism may make you damn upset if you get involved in it while making something better in such cases is even far more difficult.The genre is damn serious as the topic of  the TV Series demands that cinematography takes pretty close looks with the realistic gestures and activities.Beginning of the Season 4 was pretty good.But at the same time after a while I personally felt that it's going too much deep in the personal lifes of the characters .Suraj Sharma was a good option after the success of " Life of Pi" to introduce as a brown skin guy.

Overall, It's a indefinitely high intense drama with realistic, obvious and necessary ingredients in appropriate proportions.

Verdict:- Serious and Intense beautiful drama

Ratings:-  7.7 / 10 

Homeland Season 4 Official Trailer

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