Friday, 24 October 2014

Happy New Year Movie Review

Happy New Year (U)

Length:- 3 hrs.

Charlie ( Shahrukh Khan) is a street fighter,who is actually Boston University pass out loser. It doesn't seem realistic this way.Anyways he starts to make a team of losers. The worst part of Bollywood films is character overview is way too much. Here, we get introduced to the characters for about half an hour  of the film.So after half an hour of all the f**ked up intro bullshit.We get started with the stealing planning.I should say Farah Khan is way too much into conventional and/or repetitive kind of filmmaking.

Unnecessary comic scenes which makes minimal sense is part of her films. She also shows either a big cast in a special appearance or in some kind of songs. I personally feel is all this necessary if you're making a good film?The giant steal of Diamond here is worth Rs 100 Crore.The attraction in the film is Shahrukh Khan. He is the one in the film who holds this film by himself. He is also the only one who makes this highly unbearable drama bearable for a while.

"Happy New Year" is a highly stretched and utterly boring drama. In fact this film is no where different from other Bollywood conventional film's.It's should be called as a celebration rather than  a film. A good dialogue from the film is " Jo nazare nahi milate woh chor hote hai" said by non other than Shahrukh Khan's character. All talk and no action is also part of this film. After winning the national dance competition. Charlie and his teammates are ready to take it to the international level.I wish Bollywood could have had some more senseable script being written.

Theme of the film was kind of art heist but it shows dancing for the most part.By the time "Happy New Year" will reach the climax, you might definitely have lost interest in how interesting this heist is gonna be.Jackie Shroff is one of the most underutilized actor of the film.

Verdict:- Average

Ratings:- 2 / 5 Stars

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  1. I wish they spent more time on story writing than promotions. ..

  2. Very good movie by king khan . excellent acting . he is the best . i am waiting for dilwale now.