Sunday, 12 October 2014

Gone Girl Movie Review

Gone Girl (R)

Length:- 2 hr. 25 min


"Gone Girl" is a mystery thriller film based on a novel by Gillian Flynn by the same name. The starting of "Gone Girl" is a bit slow but it gets its required momentum once the Girl-Amy is gone missing. Here is the mystery begins. Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) reports this to his the police. The investigation starts slowly for his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike). The drama is the mystery gets more and more intense with time. Nick Dunne was accused several times for the murder of his wife.Yet he tries to refuse and reject by showing affection towards his wife. It a multilayered story which reveals many thoughts about the two main characters Nick and Amy. The marriage is really a handwork which might  bring unhappiness between the couple. Yet they should make a marriage work somehow.

After a while Nick realizes that his wife was a psychopath and has trapped her for the murder of herself.David Fincher is an extraordinary director, what he did in "The Girl with Dragon Tattoo" in terms of direction. He is equally good here in the movie "Gone Girl". I heard somewhere that the ending of "Gone Girl" has changed a little bit in the movie.Honestly, I felt that there isn't a big significant change present.The film certain shows the shortcoming of the media. The way you can turn and twist the reality just by couple of events. "Gone Girl" also tells us how powerful writer are and what they are capable of doing?

Nick's twin sister is also an interesting character.Margo Dunne (Carie Coon) is taking side of Nick all the time. After a while I thought why she is doing so.At last it was being revealed that she also secretly loves her. Rosamund is absolutely brilliant as her role demands being a psychopath, charming and intellectual writer.Ben Affleck is terrific in the role of a husband who is continuous begin harassed mentally by the media, police and relatives. The language is obviously a bit abusively charming. The scenes are really intimate as far as far sex elements are concerned. 

Overall, "Gone Girl" is a pretty good to watch. The thriller which is not easily forgettable. It forms its baseline by being mysterious rather than being secretive.

Verdict:-  Nice

Ratings:-  3.5 /5 Stars

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  1. Ever since Fincher started using Trent Reznor for his scores, his movies have been elevated to a whole new level of art. Can’t wait to see this.

    1. Yes Thomas David Fincher is an extraordinary filmmaker and he is taking his films to the next level