Friday, 3 October 2014

Bang Bang Movie Review

There is a new surprise in the starting of the film. Entry of the star Jimmy Shergill.One of the most wanted terrorist is captured played by  Danny is captured by him.So, both Jimmy and Danny talks for a while about India in a not so Indian ambiance.Here we go the Villian's from the jail as easy as putting butter on a bread.After Kohinoor diamond is being stolen from London which Britishers took it from India long time ago. We get a warm welcome about our hero Rajveer Singh (Hrithik Roshan).

 Confusion are so common in Bollywood.The girl Harleen ( Katrina Kaif) assumes the boy ofcourse as some other guy for dating.The negative character hero of this film knowns how government and bad guys are gonna react and ask questions to Harleen about him?He even knowns where these guys are gonna keep the gun. In my opinion there should be limit that how intelligent Bollywood actor's character can be then others characters in the film.Because what I feel is Bollywood actor's character is way too intelligent while other guys are way too dumb in the film.

Exotic locations , nice action scenes  and every which may make you feel good is present in " Bang Bang".What really lacks here a solid plot or back up story.First time I got the Dejavu feeling of the "Knight and Day" movie . Is when Ranjveer shoots at Harleen by gun and escapes her. She wakes up a few times and falls asleep .When I saw "Knignt and Day" back in 2010.I personally liked it but the same film and story may not be equally likeable today.I heard from one of my friend that the action scene shot by Hrithik in water can only be done by few skilled guys in the world. Not sure how much of it is true?

"Bang Bang" follows "Knight and Day" for the most part yet sticks to the Indian way. Mostly songs are awfully inserted in the film.The difference between "Bang Bang" and less plot oriented films is they donot make much sense.Inspite of the flaws this film it's far more intellectual than other films.Indian emotions and action are high volume. In this romantic intellectual drama ending half an hour of the movie was somewhat uninteresting.This is where we just see the fight action and over stretched drama

I think the film could have been wrapped in about 2 hrs. Then it would have avoided the last half an hour of boring action unnecessary drama. Overall, its wasnot that bad movie to watch.

Verdict:- Not Bad

Ratings:- 2.5 / 5 Stars

Bang Bang Movie Official Trailer

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