Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Action Jackson Movie Trailer Review

The films which Ajay Devgn has done in the past few years follows some kind of trend. Most of them were pretty much like typical Bollywood films. These films mostly involved madly beating of Villians, too much of dancing, male dominating scripts etc. The similar pattern emerges from the films ranging from "Golmaal" series by Rohit Shetty or even Ajay's home production "Son of Sardar". Prabhudeva has also done a good job starting from dancing to a filmmaker.Yet his films were never unique. They also never have had quality content as an ingredient. Mostly of them based on madly beating of the guys by the hero. I still could not understand that why "Tapori" style is considered to be some kind of heroism. May be because Indian common man is like this.  

The actual hero should not be ahead in beating numerous guys but rather he should come up with some kind of a thought provoking attitude. He may bring a positive yet realistic and not so unimaginable change into the society. Here, we are with one of the most upcoming movies of the year "Action Jackson". Yet, we donot have anything much interesting and exciting. Everything seems to be conventional. The action is way too much and like any other Bollywood movie. AJ (Ajay Devgn) will be seen in beating and killing countless number of guys in a not so different way.In this time we have multiple actress cast in a film with just one lead actor. The lead actress would be played by Sonakshi Sinha as clear from the trailer. The gorgeous Yami Gautam will be seen in a supporting role.

Even though the supporting starcast is way too big like Kunaal Roy Kapoor.Anand Raj will be making his Bollywood debut by this film as a lead villain. Shahid Kapoor and Prabhudeva will also be seen in special appearance. The trailer is really violent while Ajay Devgn looks really tough. The romance doesn't seems convincing. Like any other Bollywood action films this one also doesn't have a really nice plot. An interesting and unconventional. cinematography seems a bit better than the usual ones. The action scenes which might not be convincing yet tthhey got a bit smarter as well. In total, Action Jackson is going to be nothing more than a conventional Bollywood action film.

Verdict:- Average

Ratings:-   2 / 5 Stars 

Action Jackson Movie Official Trailer


  1. Thanks for the movie review ! I'm going to watch this movie soon :)