Thursday, 30 October 2014

Taken 3 Movie Trailer Review

Liam Neeson is an actor who has made its own unique space in Hollywood. He has done mostly some sort of action crime thriller movies in the past decade. One of his successful film trilogy is Taken. This trilogy is successful solely because of Liam Neeson. This series is based on the life of an ex. CIA retired agent whose daughter is being kidnapped. He tries to rescue his daughter from them. In the second part actually her daughter also helps her in fighting with the villains. These villains are some  guys who were either being arrested or troubled by this officer in the past. So, actually they want to take some kind of a revenge.All three films including the upcoming has somewhat similar in terms of kidnapping and rescuing.

Liam Neeson whose real age is 60 plus plays this kind of role with simplistic sophistication. This is what makes him different from others. The upcoming film "Taken 3 " trailer was released about a month ago. In such a short period of time it has crossed 8.2 million views. This proves that how interested viewers are in this upcoming part of the series.Likewise in "Taken 3" Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) family comes in danger of getting killed. Even worse he is also charged for his wives murder which he never committed. Under these circumstances he tries to escape and  makes an effort to find his daughter. He is warned by an officer that all the best American Intelligence Agencies i.e. the FBI,CIA and LAPD will come behind him in order to case him down.

This is the conclusive part of the series so definitely audiences are expecting something even better than what is delivered in the previous two parts. As, it seems from the trailer the film is actually looking much better in most aspects whether its use of the technology, dialogues, plot ambiguity and even the action scenes.The role of Bryan's wife will be played by Famke Janssen who has played Jean in the "X-Men Series".It is expected that her role will be shorter in length as she is expected to get killed in the film pretty soon. Bryan becomes the prime suspect of her wife's murder immediately. He escapes and just wants to make sure that his daughter is safe.

I like the way 3 is shown in the title.It actually replaces "e".I personally think that while showing "Taken 3" in the ending of the trailer "e" should have shown first that it could have been replaces with 3. This might have created a long lastly impression on the audiences. "Taken 3" will releasing on 8th January 2015 in theaters.

Verdict:- Good

Ratings:- 3 / 5 Stars 

Taken 3 Movie Official Trailer

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Action Jackson Movie Trailer Review

The films which Ajay Devgn has done in the past few years follows some kind of trend. Most of them were pretty much like typical Bollywood films. These films mostly involved madly beating of Villians, too much of dancing, male dominating scripts etc. The similar pattern emerges from the films ranging from "Golmaal" series by Rohit Shetty or even Ajay's home production "Son of Sardar". Prabhudeva has also done a good job starting from dancing to a filmmaker.Yet his films were never unique. They also never have had quality content as an ingredient. Mostly of them based on madly beating of the guys by the hero. I still could not understand that why "Tapori" style is considered to be some kind of heroism. May be because Indian common man is like this.  

The actual hero should not be ahead in beating numerous guys but rather he should come up with some kind of a thought provoking attitude. He may bring a positive yet realistic and not so unimaginable change into the society. Here, we are with one of the most upcoming movies of the year "Action Jackson". Yet, we donot have anything much interesting and exciting. Everything seems to be conventional. The action is way too much and like any other Bollywood movie. AJ (Ajay Devgn) will be seen in beating and killing countless number of guys in a not so different way.In this time we have multiple actress cast in a film with just one lead actor. The lead actress would be played by Sonakshi Sinha as clear from the trailer. The gorgeous Yami Gautam will be seen in a supporting role.

Even though the supporting starcast is way too big like Kunaal Roy Kapoor.Anand Raj will be making his Bollywood debut by this film as a lead villain. Shahid Kapoor and Prabhudeva will also be seen in special appearance. The trailer is really violent while Ajay Devgn looks really tough. The romance doesn't seems convincing. Like any other Bollywood action films this one also doesn't have a really nice plot. An interesting and unconventional. cinematography seems a bit better than the usual ones. The action scenes which might not be convincing yet tthhey got a bit smarter as well. In total, Action Jackson is going to be nothing more than a conventional Bollywood action film.

Verdict:- Average

Ratings:-   2 / 5 Stars 

Action Jackson Movie Official Trailer

Friday, 24 October 2014

Happy New Year Movie Review

Happy New Year (U)

Length:- 3 hrs.

Charlie ( Shahrukh Khan) is a street fighter,who is actually Boston University pass out loser. It doesn't seem realistic this way.Anyways he starts to make a team of losers. The worst part of Bollywood films is character overview is way too much. Here, we get introduced to the characters for about half an hour  of the film.So after half an hour of all the f**ked up intro bullshit.We get started with the stealing planning.I should say Farah Khan is way too much into conventional and/or repetitive kind of filmmaking.

Unnecessary comic scenes which makes minimal sense is part of her films. She also shows either a big cast in a special appearance or in some kind of songs. I personally feel is all this necessary if you're making a good film?The giant steal of Diamond here is worth Rs 100 Crore.The attraction in the film is Shahrukh Khan. He is the one in the film who holds this film by himself. He is also the only one who makes this highly unbearable drama bearable for a while.

"Happy New Year" is a highly stretched and utterly boring drama. In fact this film is no where different from other Bollywood conventional film's.It's should be called as a celebration rather than  a film. A good dialogue from the film is " Jo nazare nahi milate woh chor hote hai" said by non other than Shahrukh Khan's character. All talk and no action is also part of this film. After winning the national dance competition. Charlie and his teammates are ready to take it to the international level.I wish Bollywood could have had some more senseable script being written.

Theme of the film was kind of art heist but it shows dancing for the most part.By the time "Happy New Year" will reach the climax, you might definitely have lost interest in how interesting this heist is gonna be.Jackie Shroff is one of the most underutilized actor of the film.

Verdict:- Average

Ratings:- 2 / 5 Stars

Happy New Year Movie Official Trailer

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Big Bang Theory Season 8:Episode 6 Review

 "The Big Bang Theory" is one of the most loved comedy shows in the United States.Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) is central part of attraction for this show. His unique etiquette and manner has really helpful in the success of this show.Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) who is  Sheldon's roommate. He had hard time with the roommate agreement. Raj Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar) is also an interesting character from India. He was actually shy speaking to girls but now he has overcome the same.  Here, we are in the Season 8 we begin with Sheldon who was about to leave Leonard and other guys. He finally comes back in a strange way. Raj has also got a new girlfriend who is unhappy about the accidental hookup of his boyfriend with Penny (Kaley Cuoco). Penny has got a new hairstyle and she looks kind of cool.

In Episode 6 Penny and Leonardo is having some issues with keeping the money. Leonard wants to give money to her but Penny feels she has a good job now. This argument leads to pretty funny and fascinating moments.Inception of the episode is from a kind of dinner get-together. Here, everybody is making fun of Sheldon and Raj plans of working in a mine. The best part was when Leonardo and Penny discuss the money issues with their friend and couple Howard (Simon Helberg) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch).They actually founs out they are having even harder times in many aspects of life as a couple.

Overall, This episode has some fine moments including and epecially the couple arugments and the misunderstandings. This episode doesn't have much to  funny moments from Sheldon's side like it use to happen previously. Yet there is something good from Sheldon and Penny's side. Amy does have much to do in this episode.  Now, Raj girlfriend doesn't seems to be included in the main starcast. She is not shown in too many episodes till now.Its also been announced that "The Big Bang Theory" is gonna end somewhere in 2016.So, far it been so good with all the comic moments in this series. Hopefully, we will see something even better in the near future. 

Verdict:- Funny yet something more was expected

Ratings:-  6.9 / 10 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Imitation Game Movie Trailer Review

A genius has a charming innocence.He/She can be really dump in some aspects of life.Their life stories are really fascinating because they are such a different person then anyone you known. They are truly focused towards their goal and can be extremely or emotional hurt if they didn't achieve what they desire. Mathematics is considered to be really complex subject. This subject has a high usability for complex coding for communication. No matter how much mathematics you known it might never be sufficient.It may also make you starve for more once an interest has been created for the same.

We saw masterpiece film by the name "A Beautiful Mind" about a decade ago. Russell Crowe gave a marvellous performance in the same film. The best part was the performance for the character of John Nash's wife played by beautiful  and amateur Jennifer Connelly.  Here we have another film on a Mathematician  named Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch).Benedict Cumberbatch has played a genius detective in the high rated suspense thriller drama "Sherlock".Possibly that might have convinced the filmmaker to choose him for the role.Benedict also has the genuine innocence charm needed for the genius.Also, the right focus and the attitude required for the role.

"The Imitation Game" is set at the times of  The World War 2.Alan Turning tries to crack the Enigma code from the German's during The World War 2. The young slim and gorgeous Keira Knightley who played a beautiful role of the singer in "Begin Again" recently. Like other guys Alan Turing also seems to be really struggling in breaking enigma code.

The cinematography of the film looks fabulous. The background music is fascinating. To break the complex enigma code Alan Turing wants to design a machine. This machine has a motto to break the code.Alan Turing is one of the greatest mathematicians in the world but even the greatest has sufferings in his life. So does Alan, at the same point of time he is helped  by a young girl and possibly his student.She at some instances is better than Alan.

Verdict:- Pretty Good

Ratings:-  3.5 / 5 Stars

The Imitation Game Movie Official Trailer

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sonali Cable Movie Review

Sonali Cable(U/A)

Length:- 2 hrs.

"Sonali Cable" is a film about a local cable company by the same name.This local company which has about 3000 customers is run by a Sonali Tandel (Rhea Chakraborty). This girl has just one motto in her life i.e. to make this "Sonali Cable" running better and better. The film is way to slow in execution which may make you fall asleep. Although the run time is not too much yet the film feels like tiring and cumbersome. An interesting giant industrialist played by Anupam Kher who is more commanding rather than dealing with the situation by himself. He is continuously kind of dominating her hardly speaking secretary played by a foreign actress.

The problem statement of this film is big industries and organizations taking over the smaller or local ones. This little thing is so stretched that you may never feel interesting enough to watch what's going on? Raghu (Ali Fazal) is an american return guy who was a childhood friend of Sonali. He hardly matches his character including and especially in the looks. What could have made the film better is the better ingredients from the start to finish. Like the industry overview and the job overview of the guys might have given some good content to the film. 

Also, What I felt was nowadays everybody is moving to the digital service providers like Airtel and many other similar service providers. Yet  there is no touch-point in "Sonali Cable" about it. The romance between Raghu and Sonali is conventional, overstretched and a little boring. The plot is completely predictable and kind of generic.Rhea Chakraborty seems to have potential yet she never comes up with a spark.

Verdict:- Average

Ratings:- 2 / 5 Stars

Sonali Cable Movie Official Trailer

Friday, 17 October 2014

The Vampire Diaries:Season 6 Episode 3

Here we are Season 6 of "The Vampire Diaries". The plot is moving with a brisk pace especially in the Season 6.Stefan takes few days off from his work at the garage.I personally feel that everything is happening so fast in the Season 6 that if you don't watch few minutes you might miss something really important. By chance if you have missed an episode it's gonna spoil the pleasure of enjoying the story.

Stefan is back to the Mystic Falls. Very first he meets Elena to say hi.Elena looks really happy after meeting Stefan.Stefan's girlfriend is killed and obvious he is upset about the same. So, he wants the revenge that's what makes him coming back to Mystic Falls for sometime. I liked the chemistry between Stefan and Elena they look really nice together.Nina Dobrev has got a lot more fit in the Season 6. She looks kind of hot in the bikini scene.Caroline gets a bit emotional after Stefan has left her.We feel kinda of attached to her emotions.

Damon and Bonnie seems to have a really rough time on the other side.Damon seems to be really in trouble because someone tries to kill him.Mystic Falls has also got some Vampire Hunters.Caroline really misses Stefan a lot.The Vampire Hunters makes use of vervain and some kind of shooting weapons. Overall, the third episode was damn good and it's getting better episode.

I am curious to know that whether Stefan develops feelings towards Caroline?what Caroline does without Stefan? How is Elena doing after getting compelled? 

Verdict:- Great Going

Ratings:- 7.5 / 10 Stars

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Gone Girl Movie Review

Gone Girl (R)

Length:- 2 hr. 25 min


"Gone Girl" is a mystery thriller film based on a novel by Gillian Flynn by the same name. The starting of "Gone Girl" is a bit slow but it gets its required momentum once the Girl-Amy is gone missing. Here is the mystery begins. Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) reports this to his the police. The investigation starts slowly for his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike). The drama is the mystery gets more and more intense with time. Nick Dunne was accused several times for the murder of his wife.Yet he tries to refuse and reject by showing affection towards his wife. It a multilayered story which reveals many thoughts about the two main characters Nick and Amy. The marriage is really a handwork which might  bring unhappiness between the couple. Yet they should make a marriage work somehow.

After a while Nick realizes that his wife was a psychopath and has trapped her for the murder of herself.David Fincher is an extraordinary director, what he did in "The Girl with Dragon Tattoo" in terms of direction. He is equally good here in the movie "Gone Girl". I heard somewhere that the ending of "Gone Girl" has changed a little bit in the movie.Honestly, I felt that there isn't a big significant change present.The film certain shows the shortcoming of the media. The way you can turn and twist the reality just by couple of events. "Gone Girl" also tells us how powerful writer are and what they are capable of doing?

Nick's twin sister is also an interesting character.Margo Dunne (Carie Coon) is taking side of Nick all the time. After a while I thought why she is doing so.At last it was being revealed that she also secretly loves her. Rosamund is absolutely brilliant as her role demands being a psychopath, charming and intellectual writer.Ben Affleck is terrific in the role of a husband who is continuous begin harassed mentally by the media, police and relatives. The language is obviously a bit abusively charming. The scenes are really intimate as far as far sex elements are concerned. 

Overall, "Gone Girl" is a pretty good to watch. The thriller which is not easily forgettable. It forms its baseline by being mysterious rather than being secretive.

Verdict:-  Nice

Ratings:-  3.5 /5 Stars

Gone Girl Movie Official Trailer

The Vampire Diaries Season 6:Episode 2

Damon and Bonnie are stuck somewhere. Damon believes that it's hell because they are living the same day over and over.Elena is looking more and more beautiful in every episode.She wants to get compelled in order to forget Damon. Because she is sad that she cannot be with Damon.Even though Elena wants to get compelled yet she is unable to find out the when exactly she fell in love with Damon.Caroline finds where Damon is living.She wants to tell her that how much she missed him but Stefan says he has moved on. 

Stefan doesn't want any of his past.The dramatic movements are sometimes crazy which would actually make you feel thrilled.You actually feel love towards the characters.I personally felt that Damon should have given some more respect to Caroline and her feelings.He didn't seems to have much  when she meets him. I must say that "The Vampire Diaries" are becoming better and better with every episode. Damon and Bonnie founds that they are actually actually living the same day over and over again. 

Stefan also looks weak in small fighting scene which was certainly unexpected and surprising at the same time.Final, moment when Elena gets compelled and forgets Damon is fascinating. The camera takes various shots from unique angles to keep everything interesting.I would say plot is now switching to three different places. First one being Damon and Bonnie living on the other side and living the same day over and over again.Secondly, Caroline meeting Stefan with his girlfriend.Thirdly, trying to get compelled in order to forget Damon's love.

Damon is cooking pancake for breakfast consistently for the last episodes. I would say the the way this series is moving ahead plot is getting interesting and fascinating. 

Verdict:-  Pretty Fascinating

Ratings:- 8.0 / 10 Stars

Friday, 10 October 2014

Happy Ending Movie Trailer Review

Saif Ali Khan has been really choosy in selecting films in his career. Whatever films he did has bought something unique to the Bollywood audiences. Although his recent film "Humshakals" was a big disaster. Saif was one of the few actors who has played a character a lot younger then his actual age  in many of his films. Yet he was commercially successful for the most part for instance Cocktail and Love AajKal. All of this would make sense for his upcoming film "Happy Ending". He is also seen romancing with the white girl in few of his films.In his new upcoming movie he is playing a writer guy who is gain romancing with one or two white girls. Also, his character is quiet youthful, causal and fun loving.

This film has a big list of starcast. Govinda would be seen in a such a different and significant role. Yudi (Saif Ali Khan) doesn't write something in the last few years as he was busy in enjoying the success.He is searching for his inspiration which he founds in the girl played by Ileana D'Cruz. He meets Govinda who is a film maker. he makes him realize that the convention stories or trend  are good unless they make audiences happy.He also wants him to include some kissing scenes in the plot. Pretty Zinta and Kareena Kapoor will be playing a cameo role in the film. May be they are playing a role of actual actress as "Happy Ending" is about film making.

I really liked the body language of  Illeana in the film's trailer. Saif Ali Khan is looking too cool. Govinda's looks is pretty look in"Happy Ending". He is playing a filmmaker who is already success at single screen level and wants to take over multiplex audiences. Govinda was just average in the movie "Kill Dil". "Happy Ending" is targeting just youth audiences.As per the trend of Saif's other youth based movies. This one is also gonna make some good collections at box office. In my opinion the dialogues of the movie seems pretty funny. As this would be a romantic comedy film.It suits the genre of the movie.

Saif Ali Khan is double role in the movie one is the writer Yudi and the second one is Yogi. Kalki and Ranvir Shorey will also be playing a crucial role. Yet there is not any kind of elaboration of their character in the film's trailer. "happy ending" will release in the theaters on November 21, 2014

Verdict:- Good

Ratings:- 3 / 5 Stars

Happy Ending Movie Official Trailer

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Homeland Season 4 (TV Series)

Homeland Season 4:Episode 1 & 2

Homeland Season 4 is out with new episodes. It starts somewhere in Kabul , Afghanistan.Pentagon thinks that the investment on operational contractor support last year was $134 billion which is really high.The plot is mostly set in Pakistan and Afghanistan as these countries were involved in most of the terrorist activities.Carrie is the main intelligence officer involved in dangerous mission. Although there are two main characters associated with the mission. Aayan (Suraj Sharma) a guy is a saved from a building disaster. There are a lot of dialogues in Hindi/Urdu to suit the premises .The crowd, the ambiance and the environment is so nicely shot that you actually feel you are watch a live telecast of the same.

The street guys attacking  a white guy  was a scary scene in which the white guy is dragged from a car.A moving car is stopped and a white guy is particularly taken out in the middle of the streets .School of Medicine is the only thing which I personally liked as the spot in which "Homeland" is shot.The wedding video is leaked in which Aayan is present.So, he gets scared that american intelligence agency or some terrorist  is gonna find him.The officers return to US and they are so upset.After a while he gets some trouble from unknown people.

When the two main agents returns to US after  some of the terrible events at Pakistan they are actually pretty upset about their lives.In my opinion terrorism may make you damn upset if you get involved in it while making something better in such cases is even far more difficult.The genre is damn serious as the topic of  the TV Series demands that cinematography takes pretty close looks with the realistic gestures and activities.Beginning of the Season 4 was pretty good.But at the same time after a while I personally felt that it's going too much deep in the personal lifes of the characters .Suraj Sharma was a good option after the success of " Life of Pi" to introduce as a brown skin guy.

Overall, It's a indefinitely high intense drama with realistic, obvious and necessary ingredients in appropriate proportions.

Verdict:- Serious and Intense beautiful drama

Ratings:-  7.7 / 10 

Homeland Season 4 Official Trailer

Monday, 6 October 2014

How to Get Away with the Murder (TV Series)

How to Get Away with the Murder: A TV Series with a different taste

ABC Channel has started a new and interesting TV Series by the name "How to get away with the Murder". It has something to do with the law in fact everything.A college played by an excellent Oscar nominee Viola Davis tries to teach her students practically through a case. From the day one she has an assignment after working on which she will select four people to work with her.She introduces a new approach in order to get away with the murder.1)discredit the witnesses 2) Introduce a new suspect 3)we bury the evidence.


There is an secretary who tried killed her boss probably through Aspirin poison.The story has kind of multilayered mystery in it.The Prof has some kind of issues of having a baby with husband. One of her student founds that she  is sleeping with someone else.He turns out to be a detective and a significant.The class conducted by Prof Annalise Keating is a lot of intellectual thought process based legal work. Every student wants to work with her so they try to collect the evidence in every way they can.

One of the student even does some kind of homosexual activity just to get an important email.Yet the central attention of the class is Wes Gibbons who is strangely intellectual student. He is the center of attraction for the class and prof. He also is probably the most under estimated student.Everybody has secrets while they tries to hide them to themselves.In the second episode there is a secret murder or killing. So the team and prof works on the same.The detective blackmails Prof that he is gonna tell everything about their intimidate connection to her husband.

The first episode was way too god while the second turns the things in a different way. I hope everything gets better with the third episode. Certainly "How to get away with the murder" is a TV series with a fascinating genre yet there is a need for improvement.Prof Annalise wants her students to learn by practicing the law rather by just mugging it up.She teaches in such a different way.Voila Davis is an extraordinary actress she brings a charm to her character.

Verdict:-  Fascinating

Ratings:-  7.0 / 10 

How to Get Away with the Murder Official Trailer

Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 1

The Vampire Diaries: An Interesting Start of Season 6

Vampire Diaries is back with Season 6. Do you remember the tough looking Stefan and the brown skin gorgeous Elena.The powerful Witch Bonnie or slim and handsome Damon.Lets see how much  of Mystic Falls has changed in Season 6 of Vampire Diaries. Elena looks much pretty and sexy now.She is far more mature, calm and peaceful in playing her part.Mystic Falls is much safer now as the crime has decreased.Jeremy is upset by Bonnie's death Damon is stuck on the other side but Elena talks to her often.Elena has got better access to the blood. So, She doe not have to kill. 

Stefan is seeing a new girl named Ivy.Stefan looks even younger in the new season. He works at the garage now. Elena takes some kinds of herbs which helps her to be with Damon. She also wants to find a way to get Damon and Bonnie back. She also feels a little thirsty because of which she attacks a  new girl in town and she escapes.I personally liked the way new season is being presented. Things are getting better here. Vampires are getting mature and try not to kill human to feed on their blood.People are trying to adjust themselves .

The board of the Mystic Falls plays really a significant part as it defines the people who are coming and going.Elena on Stefan's advice tries to believe her boyfriend Damon is dead but instead of all the efforts she could not.The most changeling part I see here is covering up how each and every character is doing now.Caroline is missing Stefan badly but Stefan is ready to talk to her. Yet she calls and leaves message.This episode ends with Damon having pancake as a breakfast with Bonnie and Elena wants her to get compelled to forgot Damon. So, an interesting end to the first episode.

Verdict:- Interesting journey begins

Ratings:- 7.9 / 10 

Friday, 3 October 2014

Bang Bang Movie Review

There is a new surprise in the starting of the film. Entry of the star Jimmy Shergill.One of the most wanted terrorist is captured played by  Danny is captured by him.So, both Jimmy and Danny talks for a while about India in a not so Indian ambiance.Here we go the Villian's from the jail as easy as putting butter on a bread.After Kohinoor diamond is being stolen from London which Britishers took it from India long time ago. We get a warm welcome about our hero Rajveer Singh (Hrithik Roshan).

 Confusion are so common in Bollywood.The girl Harleen ( Katrina Kaif) assumes the boy ofcourse as some other guy for dating.The negative character hero of this film knowns how government and bad guys are gonna react and ask questions to Harleen about him?He even knowns where these guys are gonna keep the gun. In my opinion there should be limit that how intelligent Bollywood actor's character can be then others characters in the film.Because what I feel is Bollywood actor's character is way too intelligent while other guys are way too dumb in the film.

Exotic locations , nice action scenes  and every which may make you feel good is present in " Bang Bang".What really lacks here a solid plot or back up story.First time I got the Dejavu feeling of the "Knight and Day" movie . Is when Ranjveer shoots at Harleen by gun and escapes her. She wakes up a few times and falls asleep .When I saw "Knignt and Day" back in 2010.I personally liked it but the same film and story may not be equally likeable today.I heard from one of my friend that the action scene shot by Hrithik in water can only be done by few skilled guys in the world. Not sure how much of it is true?

"Bang Bang" follows "Knight and Day" for the most part yet sticks to the Indian way. Mostly songs are awfully inserted in the film.The difference between "Bang Bang" and less plot oriented films is they donot make much sense.Inspite of the flaws this film it's far more intellectual than other films.Indian emotions and action are high volume. In this romantic intellectual drama ending half an hour of the movie was somewhat uninteresting.This is where we just see the fight action and over stretched drama

I think the film could have been wrapped in about 2 hrs. Then it would have avoided the last half an hour of boring action unnecessary drama. Overall, its wasnot that bad movie to watch.

Verdict:- Not Bad

Ratings:- 2.5 / 5 Stars

Bang Bang Movie Official Trailer