Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Zero Theorem Movie Review

The Zero Theorem

Length:- 1 hr 47 min

"The Zero Theorem" is a sci-fi film. In the beginning the sci-fi world shown is auspicious and drop dead good.The way of diagnosing disease has changed. The way diagnosis of a person is done here was really interesting.Strange locations and high technology is a part of this film. Really strange thoughts which are even conveyed in a even stranger manner. We did not even come to known the name of the guy how is working on "The Zero Theorem" for a really long time.

Qohen Leth who is being called as Qunni sometimes is a kind of self researcher.The incredible fantasy world might not be helpful if you have a boring drama running over and over. After while you may loose interest in "The Zero Theorem". You may no longer would be interested in understanding how Qohen would be able to satisfy the condition zero must equal to 100 percent?The destination and the message of the movie remains ambiguous.

Too much of nudity may not have any resemblance to creativity.The zero theorem should not be given a shot. In my opinion it's a non deserving movie with lesser entertainment elements. After watching for a while we will surely lose interest in this fantasy drama.

Verdict:- Average

Ratings:- 2 /5 Stars

The Zero Theorem Movie Official Trailer

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