Sunday, 28 September 2014

3 AM Movie Review

3 A M (A)

Length:-  1 hr. 50 min.

3 AM is horror movie based on a haunted place.Sarah (Anindita Nayar) is about to get married to Sunny (Ranvijay Singh). One day Sarah goes on an assignment and never comes back.She is believed to be killed by a ghost. Sunny goes that place to prove that ghost do exist by capturing them live in a documentary.Most of the film is a bit tedious. Its not long in length yet you you feel tiresome while watching it.The dialogues are not worth remembering. There are not enough horrifying moments.

The story of the film also seems to be convoluted. Three guys who wants to shoot a documentary to prove ghost exist. This fact was already known the general public then why would they want to prove that? May be Sunny wants to take revenge for his wife. Ranvijay Singh tries to take every responsibility in the film as an actor. He is hardly able to achieve it. The script is like a powder already dissolved in the water. So there is not any more possibility for the further execution.

Supporting actors become like a prop in front of the script and Ranvijay Singh in the film. Ranvijay also needs better quality script to work in order to establish his career as a lead actor. These kind of films may not be able to fetch him as in a big Bollywood actor.Overall, experience of watching "3 AM" was not good. Its a movie with very less elements of entertainment. The scary moments and the horrifying effects were actually dull.

I personally believe that if a filmmaker wants to make the audiences hold back their seats to see whats coming next.They may actually not only need a great script but they also need to have an excellent execution of each and every moment.If any film has that no matter no what topic its being made its gonna be the excellent movie.

Verdict:-  Below Average

Ratings:- 1.5  / 5 Stars

3 AM Movie Official Trailer

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