Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Longest Week Movie Review

The Longest Week (PG-13)

Running Time:- 86 minutes

 "The Longest Week" is a charming indulging romantic comedy drama. It has some good opposite sex conversations and the moments. Conrad Valmont (Bateman) is a wealthy person by birth but there isn't anything much created by himself. He can actually be called as a narcissist. One day he is out from his family wealth. He feels that he got nothing and he is almost 40. He starts living with his old friend Dylan (Billy Crudup). Both of them gets attracted to the same girl named Beatrice (Olivia Wilde). Valmout gets indulge with her more than his friend. They talk spend night and day eating, roaming ,chatting and even having sexual intercourse.This is where the movie is at its best engaging, eye catching and fascinating. Visual is the best part of the film. It keeps your eyes still doesn't let you move a bit.

At one point of time Valmont feels like he lying to both his girlfriend Beatrice and Dylan. He decides to tell his friend Dylan to tell that he is dating Beatrice but he couldn't. Is he able to confess his bankruptcy to his girlfriend? How can he overcome his financial problems? How can he make his girlfriend and friend both happy at the same time? He is also interested in writing a novel is he able to do so? All these questions are being answered in the film. "The Longest Week" is short and crisp. It never gets boring and sluggish. It keeps you in mood of conversation with little story twist.

Of course the central character is played by Jason Bateman. he plays it confidence in mature way.He gives it the right execution with correct attitude. Olivia Wilde gives this film the required charm with her young feminist attitude. She is adorable and sexy who carries herself well and uses the correct body language. In my opinion she never takes a single wrong step. She knowns the demand of the role and where to take and how to take it. I recommend you give "The Longest Week" one shot you won't be disappointed.

Verdict:- Good

Ratings:- 3 / 5 Stars

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