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Raja Natwarlal Movie Review

 Raja Natwarlal (U/A)

Length:- 2 hr. 21 min.


Emraan Hashmi has been in the industry for a over a decade. Initially he was known for his kissing in the movies.He had made a lot of improvement in his acting skills in the recent few years yet his films were never way too good. Neither he has done something remarkable in his Bollywood career. One thing is for sure that his movies were successful in creating some kind of hype or curiosity among the viewers. In my opinion that thing is also shattering slowly. I personally think this actor actually needs better scripts to work on."Raja Natwarlal" is also more or less same like any other Emraan Hashmi movies. We have Emraan Hashmi's character is involved in some or the other fraudulent activities.He got a girlfriend yet he needs to get settled before he can marry her.

Raja (Emraan Hashmi) is a conman who makes small amount of money with some or the other fraudulent activities. His love affair is Ziya (Humaima Malick) who is a bar dancer. They both want to marry each other. Humaima Malick is actress of Pakistani origin,She has acted in few of the TV series and movies in the recent few years.She looks absolutely stunning in the film while her role is of lesser importance in the film. The film becomes interesting only when Yogi (Paresh Rawal) enters in the film. Yogi gives Raja training on how to be a better and bigger conman. Varda Yadav (Kay Kay Menon) is the big guy from whom Raja & Yogi wants to steal money by fooling him. This is where the film gets somewhat interesting.But Ziya reacts in an unexpected way because she was too much worried about her boyfriend.

Post interval I was expecting something really good but for initial sometime its damn boring.I honestly was disappointed from the film's post interval part.Many songs were unnecessarily present in the film. The romance part is the one of the most boring stuff of "Raja Natwarlal". Ending may try to impress yet its not entirely convincing. The movie also leaves many questions unanswered. Paresh Rawal does gives a nice especially in some moments. Emraan Hashmi isn't that bad either.

Verdict:- Above Average

Ratings:- 2.5 / 5 Stars

Raja Natwarlal Movie Official Trailer

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