Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Hercules Movie Review

"Hercules" is a warrior  based action film.There are so many movies already being made on "Hercules". This film tries to reboot and explore the character "Hercules" while sadly this film is not a watch. "Hercules" is played by none other than "The Rock" aka Dwayne Johnson. I honestly don't known what does this film wants to convey. I mean you hear the name "Hercules" in almost every single sentence. Was it really required to do so? In my opinion not at all. Also, this film tries to show "Hercules" is not just a legend warrior or immortal. He is just stronger than anyone else probably on the earth.This man is consistently haunted by the three face beast monster. I found someone who makes an impression here is Ingrid Bolsø Berdal in the role of an archer.

Hercules finds out the warriors who fights for him are not capable of fighting a war in a ametuer way. So, he tries to train them with his fellow teammates cum followers. In a short period of time he trains them so well that they actually defeats an army which is more 1.5 times in size of them with ease.After this battle he is being betrayed by the King Cotys (John Hurts) and thrown out of the kingdom. So, obviously Hercules seeks revenge from the King. One of the interesting character is Amphiraus (Ian McShane) who is prepared to die anytime. He keeps you entertain by his charm of ready to die approach.

I personally felt that this movie is boring and dull. Some of the battle scenes were good while it doesnot bound you or create an attchment that you should have with the film. What could have made the film better was some more content. Also, coverage of long life span of Hercules. Inclusion of more events with some good twist and turns. The inclusion of the hidden problem could have made it even better.In total its an strictly average film which could have been better in many ways.

Verdict:- Strictly Average

Ratings:-  2 / 5 Stars

Hercules Movie Official Trailer

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