Thursday, 21 August 2014

Happy New Year Movie Trailer Review

Shahrukh Khan aka "King Khan" is known for his romantic films. Yet the films made under his production "Red Chillies Entertainment" was never a box office success. For the past few years Shahrukh Khan has been choosy in doing films. His unique marketing strategies or may be his stardom has always given him an advantage for his films to do a good business. His new film upcoming film "Happy New Year" is again of a collaboration with his friend cum costar Farah Khan. Farah Khan is a former choreographer turned director. She has her own unique style of making films like she shows all the star cast of the film in the ending. She most makes comedy films although her last film "Tees Maar Khan" didn't work out well.

"Happy New Year"  is one of the most awaiting films of Bollywood for this year.But from the trailer films seems to be an strictly average watch. Most part of the trailer was being consumed in just showing the characters.Six guys want to steal diamonds worth crores of rupees does it sounds similar to the movie"Dhoom".I would say not really but what these guys want to do is just to participate in a dance competition and eventually steal the diamonds. As it seems from the trailer something wrong happens when they want to steal the diamonds.Might be that's where Jackie Shroff comes into the picture. Numerous star will also be seen in a special appearance including Prabhu Deva , Anurag Kashyap, Anupam Kher just to mention a few.

In my opinion the weakest point of the plot is the less dramatic and uninteresting plot. You might have seen many Bollywood movies which has pretty similar stuff as its content. So I would say nothing much is being offered by this big budget and most awaiting film. The film pretends to be highly comic but i don't think so its that comical too. Cinematography looks good while sets are giant. "Happy New Year" is also shot in the exotic locations which certainly raises the viewers watching experience but of course not the entertainment experience. 

Verdict:- Average

Ratings:-  2 / 5 Stars

Happy New Year Movie Official Trailer 

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