Monday, 11 August 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review

"Guardians of The Galaxy" is  a sci-fi action drama with a little comedy. It's about creation of a new superhero team obviously named "Guardians of The Galaxy". Here, superheroes doesn't just have extraordinary powers but they actually have unique abilities. Also, they hardly have any friends.The story mostly revolves around the main characters. It's also about how they get united to form a team. I personally felt that this movie isn't that enoyable as claims to be. Undeniably the visuals are spectacular while most of the events are never narrated clearly.It's not explained why things are happening the way they are happening?

 There was also a big amount of ambiguity about the capabilities of the villians in the movie. Do they just rely on some kind of a special stone for their powers or not?  The pace of the film is also really slow. It takes much time for the characters to get settled and focus on saving the world. They are either scattered or probably fight among themselves.There isn't much which I found wrong with this film but yet it's not fully convincing. There are five characters -one is the leader cum adventurous Peter Quill (Chris Patt) who is obsessed with the music cassettes provided by her mother. Second is the green skinned alien Gamora (Zoe Saldana) while the third one is a tuff guy named Drax-The Destroyer (Dave Bautista).

Fourth one is an interesting character named Groot (Vin Diesel) whose vocab is limited to "I am Groot" that too exclusively in that order. Fifth and the last one is Rocket (Bradely Cooper) who is a genetically engineered Racoon. All these characters including the film is derived from the a comic book by the same name. I would say this movie is a just a one time watchable affair epecially for the visuals involved in the film. The budget of the film is really high which made the obvious improvements in cinematography and usage of other scientific techniques.

Verdict:- Good

Ratings:-  3 / 5 Stars

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  1. Good review. Had a very good time with this that if I was to see it again, I'd probably have just as good of a time as I did with the initial viewing.

  2. Nice overview. GotG was a really good movie, no doubt about it. I was impressed with a lot of things.