Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Chef Movie Review


Length:- 1 hr. 54 min.

Chef is an american comedy drama. As clear from the name itself its a film about a Chef. A professional Chef named Carl Kasper (Jon Favreau) who is really good in cooking gets an unfavourable review from a big critic food blogger. Carl gets fired from his job after altercation with this food critics named Ramsey Michel. This fight actually makes really famous on Twitter. The film is a watchable drama with interestingly conveyed plot. Jon Favreau who is writer, producer, director as well lead actor in this film. He knowns what exactly is the demand of the role and he delivers exactly the same. Carl does not worry about what critics say he is actually worried whether the people love his food or not? This film actually tells us whether to blind believe critics or not?

The pace of the "Chef" is brisk yet its realistic and never rushing. This film is based on cooking so it obviously has a lot of good moments of making a dish by "Chef". Its also about the goods and bads of the social media which film shows here. Twitter is the social media website which is being used by most of the celebrities nowadays. After leaving the job Carl starts selling food through a truck. He also utilizes his Twitter fans following list which has been eventually created.Carl finally becomes a successful Chef without any critical appreciation.

Carl also figures out to make his non-marriage work. He takes help from his son and one of his co-worker Chef.The soul message of the film remains to be happy with whatever you have. Also, have faith in yourself irrespective of whatever the circumstances are.Scarlett Johansson is fine in a short role.Sofía Vergara brings a charm in her character by utilizing her feminism. She also looks sexy and adorable in few moments.Cameo by the Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr is fascinating. Chef is a cool mind fun film which can be given a shot.

Verdict:- Good

Ratings:-  3 / 5 Stars

Chef Movie Official Trailer

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