Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Vampire Diaries (TV Series) Review

The Vampire Diaries is a long and really interesting TV Series. It explores its character in every episode meanwhile the Vampires here has different protocols. Vampire possess different powers then what been seen in other movies or TV Series. The story is set in a small town named Mystic Fall. It has depth in its plot the story unfolds and we come to know that there are many other negative powers which can dominate humans like werewolves, witches etc.  Humans are unaware of such powerful non-human living creatures. This supernatural drama has numerous characters but there are just three main ones. 

Two of them are Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) and Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wisley) who falls in love with each other pretty soon. But Stefan is a Vampire and Elena is just a human being which creates a lot of complications. After a long while Elena feels driving towards Stefan’s brother named Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) which actually forms an interesting love triangle.

Both the brothers Stefan and Damon becomes mad for Elena who is a lookalike of Katherine (Nina Dobrev). This makes the plot multilayered, dramatically thriller which is highly watchable. There is a huge possibility that you can fall in love with the characters of this TV Series. The more watch it the more you starve to watch it. In my opinion The Vampire Dairies is a thoroughly enjoyable TV Series. Fifth season of The Vampire Diaries ended somewhere in 2013. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder were in a relationship in the real life as well for almost two years during this TV Series.

I wasn’t a big fan of horror thriller but still I found this supernatural fantasy horror romantic thriller drama highly entertaining. As the seasons are equally good while it’s better to watch the season in a sequence in order to understand things in a better way. By the end of the fifth season there is an elimination of an important character. It’s really hard to guess how things will turn out in the Season 6. What choice Elena makes between the two brothers for her love affair? What happened to the Elena’s lookalike? What the Salvatore brothers manage their relationships? What does people of Mystic Fall reacts and/ or defend towards supernatural powers?

Verdict: - Good supernatural drama with an interesting plot and characters

Alsch actually forms an interesting love'ty soon. But Stefan is a Vampire and Elena is just a human being which crea

Ratings: - 7.5 / 10

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