Monday, 14 July 2014

Tammy Movie Review

Tammy (R)

Length: - 1 hr. 36 min.

Tammy is a fun filled comedy film starring Melissa McCarthy. She is also the producer and screenwriter of the film. She is a nice actor and in “Tammy” as well she showed that what she is capable of. The double meaning jokes are unpredictably good. The storyline here is simple but the comedy is extraordinary. Tammy (Melissa McCarthy) is a girl who loses her job, car and her husband all at the same time. For a change she moves out her house with her grandmother Pearl’s (Susan Sarandon). When they are on the way to Niagara Falls numerous small and things happens. Like Tammy and her grandmother gets into the jail. So, to get her grandmother out Tammy robs a store. Her grandmother also gets a guy to sleep with which makes it difficult for Tammy in many ways. Is she caught while robbing? How Tammy tackles her grandma’s affair? Can tammy overcome the problems of her life?

The chemistry between Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon is damn good. They both deliver some of the good lively comedy moments. What’s sad here is the plot is same old previous affair. You might have seen this kind of movies a lot. Melissa McCarthy’s performance is lively and realistic. Susan Sarandon has played an interesting character who has a habit of getting drunk and start doing something preposterous. She is also habitual of hitting on almost every male she gets a chance with. This film has a message that without complaining much we should take a step from our side to make an improvement in our lives.

Simplistic plot may make this film a bit of less watchable. It also has most emphasis on the social life of an innocent, simplistic and a little immature girl. Tammy is an innocent and kind hearted girl who is unable to fight back with the circumstances of her life. May be she keeps running from her problems. Once, her grandma’s friend gives her some motivation that how can be she more mature and tackle her problems on her own. Melissa may look a little bit older than her character. Alcoholic Pearl can probably do anything when she is drunk like sleeping a guy and kicking her daughter’s daughter to sleep outside on the floor. May be even abusing Tammy for being fat and unsuccessful in her life.

Verdict: - Not Bad

Ratings: - 2.5 / 5 Stars

Tammy Movie Official Trailer

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