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Sex Tape Movie Review

Sex Tape (R)

Length: - 1 hr. 40 min.

As clear from the name itself this film is about the "Sex Tape" which a couples make their night interesting. Before making the "Sex Tape" and getting married Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) which so happy with sex life. They enjoy having sex all the time but when they gets married they have children it gets tuff day by day to have sex. Both Jason & Annie love each other and wants to sex desperately. So, when one day after trying a lot when they couldn’t do it. They actually decides to make a video of themselves having sex. They try to sex in every possible position according to the book “The Joy of Sex”. What happens wrong is the video gets automatically gets shared with many other people connected to the cloud through an app. How the couple wants to take this video back from everyone is what this film is all about?

"Sex Tape" has lots and lots of nudity as you see Jay and Annie trying a lot of positions for sex. The target viewers are adult and the genre was adult comedy for this film. Cameron Diaz looks charming while in few of the scenes she does looks a bit older than the role she is playing. Jason Segel has lost weight and now he is looking fantastic. Diaz and Segel forms a good couple together their understanding and coordination towards each other is really admirable. The couple starts searching the iPad starting from Annie’s mom and their neighbor. This search for the iPads more sort of looks like the Apple ad for their products. Jason gets a warning from his friend son that he has the video and will upload on if he is not given $25,000.

Jason and Annie both tries to check the website whether their video is being uploaded or not. They even finds the office and tries to destroy their data center. When they encounters the owner of he asks are you from competitor’s side and tells names of several porn websites which was actually amazing. What I feel after watching the film that it was content wise. Although, it presents itself well while it unentertaining and funny film which needs some more content whether it be some lol moments are some dramatic adult positions. Truly, what I think that if Cameron and Jason could have got a better script they could have done something really fascinating by chemistry, amazing moves and the charm.

The most stretched scene was when Jay searches for Annie boss house and he is being encountered by his dog. Honestly, I waited and waited for this one to end but this unrealistic dog and man chasing, unauthenticated charity asking was unrealistic and unapologetic. This film isn’t that long and still doesn’t have some twist and turns to hold you even for this short movie time of 100 minutes.    

Verdict: - Average

Ratings: - 2 / 5 Stars

Sex Tape Movie Official Trailer

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