Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Lucy Movie Review

Lucy (R)
Length: - 1 hr. 29 min.

Lucy is a Sci-Fi movie which has a concept of the percentage of usage of mind. Most of us are already aware that we don’t use most part of our brain. What this movie tells us different is that we might be able to work in an incredibly awesome way if we start using the more percentage of our brain. What are those things we see in this film? It actually shows we may possess some kind of powers unlike others. I found those powers quiet similar to X-Men including and especially what’s being shown in this film.  Here, we are Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) a student cum worker somewhere in Japan. Is accidently trapped in a drug mafia who tries to keep some kind of blue colored drug for her and few others people to carry abroad. This drug actually boosts her mind and causes some side effects as well. What happens next? Is Lucy able to control her mind? Is she able to control the side effects of the drug?

Lucy has come up with something we already known about meanwhile the effort has been made to make it interesting. This effort doesn’t goes in vain neither its convincing at all. I honestly found the movie pretty boring instead of the concept being interesting. Lucy tried to give some good explanation about the improvement in the usage of mind over the years since the life started. His explanation is done by a scientist, teacher and philosopher named Prof. Samuel Norman (Morgan Freeman). The pace of the film is damn slow meanwhile it doesn’t entertain us conceptually.

I just personally felt that this film will just keep on going but without making much sense. That’s what happened for most of the part even though it has some awesome moments which are undeniably watchable but yet Lucy never creates an impression on you. Lucy was more or less some kind of a documentary which just tries to justify why things are happens if they are happening?  What is being shown after the plot gets settled is a percentage meter which shows Lucy level of usage of the mind? At that time you may feel like the sooner it reaches 100 the sooner we can get over with the film. 

In my opinion it doesn’t maintain any kind of curiosity for something new and extraordinary with the percentage increase for mind usage. You may feel like Lucy is able to do most any anything and everything. Then what could come next in the film for us. Honestly, nothing really fascinating or engrossing. Overall, Lucy remains just ordinary movie or the one which is unable to create a lasting impression.

Verdict: -   Above Average

Ratings:-    2.5 / 5 Stars

 Lucy Movie Official Trailer

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