Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Creature(3D) Movie Trailer Review

Creature is a an upcoming horror-thriller film by Vikram Bhatt. From the trailer the film doesn't likely to make sense. The creature itself is a bit less acceptable meanwhile its understandable that the creature has to be somewhat different. Just being gaint isn't scary enough. In such kind of cases what's aspected is the a mysterious living being whose existence should be known but the power and characteristics should be unknown. Slowly the common man including and especially the main lead should try and undertsand the creature. After which he/she should plan and execute the ways in which the creature can be encountered. Personally, i wasn't expecting something like this from Vikram Bhatt. The story seems less realistic while the songs seems to be pathetic.

Little definitions about creature are given like "Yeh jitna jaada kayega isski bhuk utni hi badegi" yet the situations here remains ambiguous. Bipasha Basu will be seen in a lead role on screen after a while. She opens a hotel somewhere at some point of time. The creature attacks the hotel which can obviously impact the business of the hotel. Hence, Bipasha Basu' character may even get bankrupt. Pakistani actor Imran Abbas Naqvi who is a Pakistani model turned actor will start his Bollywood career from this film. The story revolves around a forest where this creature is being found accidently.

Vikram Bhatt has been directing horror films from a really long time.He made numerous films for the Mahesh Bhatt's banner Vishesh Films. From sometime he started making his own films although work wasn't extraordinary yet it was accepted. Some moments , techniques, cinematography or the execution might have charm in Vikram Bhatt's films. The trailer of the film Creature vanishes all the expectations from this film. Bipasha Basu is looking dull in the film's trailer.Creature which was a bit publiced will release on 12 September 2014.

I think Creature (3D) movie would be just an average watch. I would suggest not to go for the film.

Verdict:- Average 

Ratings:- 2 / 5 Stars

 Creature(3D) Movie Official Trailer

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