Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A Million Ways to Die in West Movie Review

A Million Ways to Die in West (R)

Length: - 1 hr. 56 min.

"A Million Ways to Die in West" is a cowboy action comedy film. It start off well especially the way it’s being set. The locations, plot and comedy everything looks fine initially. As the movie moves ahead it slowly started getting boring and boring. The characters are so good. The cowboys looks real and the ladies here are finely dressed. Some of the females actually looks prettier in the hats and the skirts. The plot is the weak point of the film as it moves ahead it gets repetitive and uninteresting.

 The crazy and the abusing kind of a language sounds no more fun after a while. Charlize Theron is hard take eyes off. She is equally sexy, adorable and gorgeous in every scene. Some good comedy moments are the only saving grace for this movie. How many have you seen that a boy and girl may fall in love? If either of them is trying to impress opposite sex. May be numerous times in the some or the other movie

Here, is the story a loser kind of a cowboy named Albert (Seth MacFarlane) who is sheep farmer is dumped by her girlfriend Louise (Amanda Seyfried).He meets a loving and care friend Anna (Charlize Theron). She helps her to impress her ex. Girlfriend and take it back from Foy (Neil Patrick Harris). Foy is smart guy who has a nice moustache, good with guns and smart enough to defeat Albert. There is one more problem infamous outlaw Clinch Leatherwood (Liam Neeson) finds out that his wife Anna is hanging out with Albert. So, he wants to kill him. Did Albert get his girlfriend back? Is Clinch able to kill Albert? What happens to Anna after she is being caught by Clinch?

The film “A Million Ways to Die in West” isn’t a bad film but there certainly many things which doesn’t work out here. Like after a while the plot looks clumsy and uneventful which gives us a hard time just for a little while. I definitely found it a dull after half an hour or so. The genre becomes monotonous with all the exciting gets ups and style sounds worthless.

Verdict: - Average

Ratings: - 2 / 5 Stars

A Million Ways to Die in West Movie Official Trailer

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