Monday, 30 June 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction Movie Review

Transformers: Age of Extinction (U/A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 45 min.

Transformers have an interesting topic for the sci-fi movies but to convert such a great topic into a great film have always been tuff. I honestly didn’t find any of the Transformers movie that good. The fact cannot be denied that till now Transformers film series had delivered at least something meanwhile “Age of Extinction” is one of the most horrible movies ever made on transformers. It’s loud and long at the same time you will struggle to understand what is going on here? All the action drama seems to be gone in vain for this less plot oriented movie.

Some of the human scientists have found the metal from which the transformers can be made. They actually starts constructing them. The transformers they have constructed can be converted into anything and everything. They are giant weapons which can be controlled and mostly used to destroy the existing transformers including and especially the leader “Optimus Prime”. I really had hard time watching this movie as it is highly intolerable.

Awesome visual effects, massive sets, some good usage of locations all of it was worth only if plot could have been more sensible. In my opinion some of the locations where movie was shot like somewhere in China and Texas were not that good too. Story was the weak point of the film the execution also needed some improvement. The fact cannot be denied that the peculiar topic on which this movie wants to throw some light was interesting enough. All it needed was a lot of work on the execution on what needs to be shown.

Overall, In my opinion Transformers: Age of Extinction is really boring movie to watch. I would suggest not to go it.

Verdict: - Way too boring and loud

Ratings:- 1.5 / 5 Stars

Transformers: Age of Extinction Movie Official Trailer

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