Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Perception (TV Series-English) Review

Perception is a crime drama TV Series which actually elaborates more on the mind functionality and other related aspects. Dr. Daniel Pierce and FBI agent Moretti tries to solve some of the complex crimes together with less or not easily understandable clues. Dr. Pierce usually gets some kind of hallucinations which actually guide him to solve the case. He also talks to his ex. Girlfriend and current friend Natalie to understand the crime. After solving numerous cases Dr. Pierce realizes that he was actually hallucinating Natalie and she exist and is a psychiatrist and stranger to her.

Every episode of perception gives an overview of something interesting related to the phenomena of mind’s thought process. Dr. Pierce gives an overview of a new concept in the form of lecture and concludes it at the end of the episode. The way Dr. and FBI agent solves is pretty interesting. Currently, Perception is executing its. The pace of this TV series is steady it never slows down. Third Season meanwhile in my opinion the best episodes till date was episode 9th and 10th from Season 1. These two episodes combined focus on the same case and there is a way too much which is being revealed about Dr. Pierce.

Perception can be good watchable experience if you like crime solving TV series or related stuff. It can also be helpful in improving the thought process. If you haven’t watched many English TV Series then this could be a good one for beginners. It can be called as psychological thought process oriented crime solving thriller drama. Although, Perception is not a very popular TV Series but still it’s a good watchable drama. Like the obvious crime thriller drama sometimes Dr. Pierce and Agent Moretti has to go out of the way to make things work out to in order to solve the crime. Not only a decent time pass drama but something which will make sense as well.

Verdict:- Good

Ratings:- 6.5 / 10  

Perception TV Series Trailer

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