Friday, 6 June 2014

Holiday Movie Review

Holiday film is a story of an army officer named Virat (Akshay Kumar). Obviously the film is based on his love and professional life. For the first half film is pretty much similar to normal Bollywood masala films. Govinda is in a special appearance initially for a minute then afterwards he has some part to play. Actually, I was expecting him to come up as something significant in the end but that didn’t actually happens. In my opinion the background music of the film was fine.

 Romance between Virat and Saiba (Sonakshi Sinha) is a little stretched and is present in the film at regular intervals. Certainly the romance is little annoying when it comes in between of the main track of the story. Virat’s professional life execution is interesting. Holiday becomes very watchable as it proceeds towards the professional life of Virat. He actually tries to track the links for an intentional bomb blast. How he does that is kept a secret initially and slowly  being disclosed?

Tamil filmmaker A.R. Murugadoss who has made Ghajini sometime back is unable to create the magic once again. Holiday is his second Hindi movie which is again remake of Tamil film “Thupakki". I haven’t seen "Thupakki" so I am not sure how similar Holiday and Thupakki are. But in my opinion holiday is neither a good film nor a boring affair.

Usually Bollywood suspense thriller movies promise way too much and delivers every little. Holiday is a bit different from them. It does deliver what it promised probably a bit more than that. Still it not entirely conceiving meanwhile it does has some moments. What’s missing in this movie is the something special which could have made it much better from the other film. Sonakshi Sinha has got just romantic scenes but apart from that she is just like a prop. Climax is certainly stretched, it also becomes boring after a point of time.  

Verdict: - Above Average

Ratings:- 2.5 / 5 Stars

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  1. Holiday is a fresh and complete new take on the subject of terrorism. It throws light on the sleeper cell network within our country and how the role of one patriotic officer can make a difference. A.R.Murgadoss takes us into the world of Capt. Virat Bakshi, who in spite of being on a holiday, still manages to fall in love and get himself caught up in the terrorist plot to bomb the city
    For an entertaining and masaledar Bollywood flick, Holiday keeps you glued to the screen right till the end!

    1. Yes Milli Holiday movie has come up with some fresh story about terrorism. But What I personally felt was it's not upto the mark.

  2. I liked this movie.. I think you should increase your rating, not much but atleast by 0.5.

    1. Brother I just gave based on what I felt after watching the movie. Glad to know you liked it and thanks for the suggestion btw