Saturday, 7 June 2014

Edge of Tomorrow Movie Review

Edge of Tomorrow (U/A)

Length: - 1 hr. 53 min.

Edge of Tomorrow is a film from which I wasn’t expecting much but after few minutes itself I realized how good this film is gonna be. It is one of those sci-fi movie which utilizes its full potential. One of the sci-fi movie which utilizes its full potential. Action scenes are closely shot which makes them very realistic, watchable and enjoyable. William Cage (Tom Cruise) realizes pretty soon that he is stuck within a small time frame and he understands things in a much better way.

Interesting thing is William Cage is the only one who remembers it even after death that what has happened and what's gonna happen. Does it seems a bit similar to source code, well the truth is it’s not exactly the same. Even William Cage is stuck in a time frame but still the actual movie moves ahead. The truth cannot be neglected that time frame does limit the plot to a certain level. There isn’t any doubt that the film is crisp and compelling.

Emily blunt has played her part in a very confident and comfortable way. Tom Cruise is way too good; he utilizes his experience in correct direction and correction proportion. He not only acts naturally but is in comfortable in understanding the demand of role. The battle shown in the film is definitely targeting action lovers. If you don’t like watching action films this may not the one.

William Cage does gets smarter after every time he dies whether it’s in terms of fighting or taking actions. The fight with the alien machines reminds of The Matrix Trilogy. Although this whole film is a Dejavu of many Hollywood films like Matrix, Source code etc. but still it is a unique film in itself. Overall, I would recommend to watch Edge of Tomorrow, it could be a good  if experience you are a Tom Cruise and action movie fan.

Verdict: - Pretty Good

Ratings:- 3.5 / 5 Stars

Edge of Tomorrow Movie Official Trailer

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