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The Xpose Movie Review

The Xpose (U/A)

Length: - 1 hr. 59 min.

Himesh Reshammiya is back in his acting career with the film named The Xpose. This film also start with a song in a much similar pattern like Himesh’s acting debut Aap Ka Suroor. Here, the drama starts by the well-known narrator and actor Irfan Khan. The whole story is about larger than life of film stars. There are so many characters which are played mostly by new comers. That’s what makes the movies less interesting.


Here, comes our lead character named Ravi Kumar played by Himesh Reshammiya. He is full self-respect and kind of dominating. He kills a minister just because of a little anger. I don’t how comes he comes out of prison within just 1.5 years if he kills a minister. Biggest flaw of the film is concentrated so much on the image, self-respect, attitude and lifestyle of its characters. It is required for a film to be realistic, plot oriented.

 Other than solid multilayered plot what a film needs is a fine plot execution i.e. a plot should have a well-defined flowchart. One thing which I have learned from this film is most girls are attracted to men who looks good, have a solid public image and able to impress them with some good witty lines. The real men might have a hard time in getting a good girl. The Xpose has two big singers like Himesh and Yo Yo Honey Singh. It’s definitely gonna some more songs than normal Bollywood movies. Most songs of movie doesn’t make a lasting impression. Also, they don’t have much resemblance to the plot.

There are many supporting actors in this film and the list is never ending. There is Irfan Khan, Adil Khan, Ananth Mahadevan, Daya Shankar Pandey and many others. In my opinion this film just has only some witty lines and lots of songs. Other than that I don’t see much here. No Doubt Ananth Mahadevan is a good director because he has good understanding of camera work, making good sets and nice costumes.

All the stuffs could have worked out well if the film if the film have had multilayered plot. Murder mystery of a girl is the one thing which moves it with a snail pace and makes it a bit interesting. The Xpose is about 2 hours long but it feels like exhausting to watch the film. Overall, It’s just an average film to watch.

Verdict: - Average

Ratings: - 2/ 5 Stars

The Xpose Movie Official Trailer

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