Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Edge of Tomorrow Movie Trailer Review

Tom Cruise has been known for his sci-fi movies. His good work includes Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report & War of The Worlds. At the same time his movie named Oblivion was a box-office success and critics failure. Now, Tom Cruise has come up with his new film named Edge of Tomorrow with a tagline Live Die Repeat. Budget of this film is $175 million which really high. It has generated obvious risk for earning a profit from the film. The trailer of the film seems good, it talks about the failure of invasion from earth's side.After it was being attacked and captured by Aliens. William Cage (Tom Cruise) can probably defeat them because he repeats his life’s short span of time by living it again & again. After which he finds Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) who trains him to defeat the aliens.


It’s been believed that Tom Cruise’s character dies almost 200 times in the film. The Alien’s want to capture the whole world.William Cage is also becoming smarter by training and every time he dies. So, the fighting between William Cage and Aliens is what we can expect as an execution.The plot is pretty interesting because a man wants to change his eternity. The film’s action sequences of the war seems high tech with a tune of being machinist. Tom Cruise acting is short of natural meanwhile female lead Emily Bunt looks tough and charming at the same time.

As the central character is William cage so the story revolves around him. Therefore, Tom cruise is seen on the screen for most of time. Like all films based on Aliens and human fight Edge of Tomorrow is also about saving mankind. Fighting in this movie involves wearing heavy metal exoskeleton which is the obvious reason why most of scenes looks machinist. Overall, in my opinion Edge of Tomorrow deserves to be given a shot.

Verdict: - Deserves a shot

Ratings: - 3/ 5 Stars

 Edge of Tomorrow Movie Official Trailer

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