Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Dawn of Planet of Apes Movie Trailer Review

Dawn of Planet of Apes is the second installment in the reboot of Planet of Apes series. These science fiction movies are based on the concept of Apes taking over humans. In the last installment the Apes who were used for testing viral drug got their intelligence boosted. Therefore, in this installment they have built their own society and they believe they are strong together. Obviously, there will be fight in future between the apes and the humans. In order to avoid the same a human named Malcolm (Jason Clarke) tries to find a way by talking to apes leader Caesar (Andy Serkis). Malcolm comes up with a solution that apes can live in a particular area without fighting with humans.

The things turns out in a different way i.e. in spite of all the efforts the war between apes and human began. San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge which has been shown in Rise of Planet of Apes for the final fighting sequences. This time as well there might be some fighting sequence as the same bridge is being shown in the trailer. From the trailer movie looks awesome and hopefully it might be enjoyable and entertaining. The film will release on July 11th 2014. 

The concept of apes overtaking human intelligence is not new and there are several movies based on the same. Dawn of Planet of Apes is the eight installment which has apes and human fighting with each other. The best scene in the trailer was Malcolm (Human) and Caesar (Ape) touching each other’s head in a tense situation.This installment shows the beginning of the war in a much massive and destructive way than the last part. The story is set about 10 years later where the last installment ended.

Verdict: - Good One

Ratings: -  3/ 5 Stars

Dawn of Planet of Apes Movie Official Trailer 

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