Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Sex Tape Movie Trailer Review

Sex Tape is an upcoming romantic comedy film featuring Cameron Diaz & Jason Segel. Both Jason & Cameron are looking good and much fit in the trailer. Jason Segel has lost weight for this film, he is looking much slimmer. The story revolves around the couple who once agrees to film them while having sex. How that Sex Tape gets uploaded through a cloud and the couple struggles to get that Sex Tape back.

Sex Tape doesn’t seems to have much in terms of story. It does has some moments like the one in which Jason asks someone on phone that how to perform CPR on a dog. As clear from the name itself this film does target adult viewers and there gonna be some hot scenes. Sex Tape is releasing on July 25th 2014 in theaters in US.

One thing I didn’t like was Sex Tape is lacking originality in some way. I mean you have plot in which someone is searching for the way to shut down the cloud but what else gonna be there in the film. I hope many of you have seen films with more or less the same plot. I wander what’s new this film is gonna offer us?

In my opinion regular movie watchers won’t be much interested in Sex Tape. I really liked body language of Cameron Diaz in the trailer. She makes awesome moves particularly in the scene where she is standing wearing panty and top. She touches roof at that moment; that where Cameron is looking stunning. I personally feel that Cameron Diaz is good in playing adult comic roles like the one she played in Bad Teacher.

Overall, What I think is Sex Tape could be just ok kind of a film but if you’re choosy in watching films. Then I would recommend don’t go for this one.

Verdict: - Above Average

Ratings:-  2.5 / 5 Stars

Sex Tape Movie Official Trailer 

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