Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Samrat & Co. Movie Review

Samrat & Co. (U/A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 5 min.

Samrat is about a smart detective by the same name. Samrat Tilak Dhari (STD) is shown way too intelligent, I mean how someone can tell autobiography of girl just by having a look at her. In my opinion that’s not the way intelligence of a person works out. Anyways this detective is looking for an interesting case which he can work on. He agrees for a case on a young girl named Dimpy Singh (Madalsa Sharma) request in an unexpected way.

Samrat & Co. is not entirely unwatchable film it delivers some thought provoking dialogues at regular intervals meanwhile it’s not a good film either. Main character i.e. detective whose job is to observe talks a way too much. One thing seems weird here i.e. other than detective everyone has low IQ. One dialogue liked was nights are the mother of all mysteries.

No. of characters here bothers me because there are too many of them. Possible reason for so many characters could be the mystery here belongs to a joint family. Here is one moe good one “ Jis par sabse jada shak ho uspe yakeen sabse jada karna chahiye”. Background music of the film is appreciable, plot does create some interest here. It’s not a bad experience to watch this film; once you get comfortable with the same.

 In the last half an hour the thrilling experience from the film almost gets vanished. Movie just keeps on going but some of the facts like every time the killer is killing one person or the other which becomes a bit repetitive and uninteresting. Unexpectedly there is a love track which is thankfully short and unnecessary. In the last moments it’s not hard to predict the climax.  Some part of the ending seems similar to Sherlock Holmes last movie casting Robert Downey Jr.

Verdict: - Could have been better in many ways

Ratings: -  2 / 5 Stars  

Samrat & Co. Movie Official Trailer

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