Monday, 28 April 2014

Revolver Rani Movie Review

Revolver Rani (A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 12 min.

Revolver Rani starts with a political touch story set somewhere in Madhya Pradesh. Within sometime the story seems to be convoluted. Revolver Rani Song in the beginning of the film justifies the title of the film. Usage of regional Hindi is present sometimes and the other it’s not. Possibly the actors haven’t practiced the regional Hindi spoken in Madhya Pradesh that’s why they are unable to do the justification to the same. Erotic scene looks weird and less realistic at some point of time. Fighting sequences are unintentionally funny; they actually are overstretched and dull.

Male lead here played by Vir das seems like a puppet most of time. Revolver has too many songs, in my opinion this is possibly the only film in the last few years which has more than 10 songs.  I totally agree with the fact that no one else in Bollywood could have played the female character named Alka Singh this well other than Kagana Ranaut. It’s a new trend in Bollywood to make film on the common man of a small town but that only is not nearly good enough, for a film to be entertaining and successful.

After the movie was done half way through, I had actually lost the interest in this film. This social political action drama is so sluggish and boring that you actually need a lot of patience to tolerate it. Main problem with this was that it needed some kind of refinement and strengthening its plot. What is being conveyed in the film doesn’t make much sense. Some of the witty line are funny but rest is just a crap. Overall, a boring film which doesn’t deserve your time.

Verdict: -  Average

Ratings: -  2/ 5 Stars

Revolver Rani Movie Official Trailer

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