Saturday, 12 April 2014

Bhootnath Returns Movie Review

Bhootnath Returns (U)

Length: - 2 hrs. 41 min.

In the beginning it is being narrated that there are two types of Ghosts one is who being stuck on earth because of something they were not able to do when they were alive and second type are the ones who finish the task they were desperate to do. After which the second one goes to pavilion i.e. bhoot world. Kailash Nath (Amitabh Bachchan) enters the bhoot world as he is second type of ghost where he is allotted a token number to meet a big guy in order to request for his next birth. But everybody here laughs on him because he was unable to scare a child. So he goes back to earth under a special pact to try to scare some children. Plot here is interesting and keeps you engaging.

Mr. Bachchan is the soul person on whom this film relies and he is terrific. Kailash Nath aka Bhootnath tries to solve many interconnected problems. Many bhoot leaves haunted places after convinced by Bhootnath, many social issues are easy resolved. This film tries to convey a social message of goodness. Here is the flaw in the film a ghost stands in the election against a bad guy played by Boman Irani. Here is the justification for the same that there is no rule in the rule book that a ghost cannot stand for the election. In the second half this films does gets tedious, after the good first half something equally good was aspected from this film.

The election campaign and few unnecessary songs makes it a bit boring; that’s where the film loses track. To be frank I did not aspect this film to be good in the first half neither to be that a bit boring in the second half as it becomes. One negative point was the film requires to have somewhat different in terms in plot and storyline but it does gets unentertaining and boring. Although the film focuses on children and family because of which it certainly has some limitations for entertainment in certain way. Overall, I would say this film was one time watchable meanwhile not consistently good.

Verdict:-Watchable but not consistent
Ratings: - 2.5 / 5 Stars

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  1. I love the performance of both Amit Jee and Akhrot. This movie is not meant for those people who love to watch SRK type movies.

    1. Yes Rahul I think both Amitabh and Akhrot were looking good and compatible at the same time.