Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Queen Movie Review

Queen (U/A)

Length: -  2hrs. 42 min.

Queen is a slow pace crisp and compelling drama, which is on the track almost all time. Kagana Ranaut here is one on whom the film relies. She perfomed the best till date in the film. The plot is about a typical Indian girl being dumped by her boyfriend a day before her marriage.After that Rani (Kagana Ranaut) goes for her honeymoon alone to Paris & Amsterdam. Interestingly conveyed drama that how a conservative girl adjusts in a hotel room along with three men is quite good.

Queen shows the journey of a woman, who goes abroad probably for her retrospection. This trip rebuilds the confidence of Rani & she becomes much more mature to tackle the events happening in her life. At one point of time, I felt that some of the scenes in the movie Queen are more or less the same to English Vinglish . It may be because both of them shows a female trying to fit in a total different culture abroad. Finally, both of them makes few really good friends in a foreign nation. I don’t think the song “Pura London Thumadka” was appropriate for the movie which has no relation to London in its plot.

Rajkumar Rao is an interesting watch in a short role of arrogant boyfriend. Kagana Ranaut is one of the most underrated/underestimated actress in Bollywood. She proofs her herself in the film so well that she might not be questioned ahead in near future for her acting skills. Rani tries to make conversations in Hindi a lot of time with the foreigners which was interesting & strange at the same time. Overall, I would say Queen was a very good film from Bollywood after a really long time.

Verdict:- Nice

Ratings: -  3. 5 / 5 Stars 

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  1. Yes, I wanna watch this....have really heard good reviews about it.

    1. Yes, go watch it.....Indeed it is a really good film