Monday, 17 March 2014

Need For Speed Movie Review

Need for Speed (3D) (U/A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 10 min.

Need for Speed film is being inspired from the popular gaming series named Need for Speed, commonly known as NFS. Need for Speed is a very boring and unentertaining film. This film relies on a really slim plot which makes it dragging and highly stretched drama.Movie is about Toby Marshall (Aaron Paul) who is a street racer. One day while racing for greed; one of the good friend of Toby gets intentionally killed by his co-racer Dino Brewster (Dominic Cooper). But, instead of Dino, Toby is being sent to jail for two years. Will Toby be able to prove his innocence? What happens to Dino after the incident?

Half of the movie is about Toby driving for approximately 45 hrs. to  somewhere in California; to participate in his final street race. This film is just about either driving and/or racing car; writing is the weakest point here. NFS is absolutely predictable drama. It has nothing new and exciting to entertain us. Ford Mustang here is being advertised a lot; numerous times name of the car seems to be called unnecessarily. Probably as per the need of marketing for the same.

Trailer of the Need for Speed was too good, which has obviously increased the expectations from the film. But, what you get here  is a sluggish drama. After a while watching Toby driving the car for a long long time. I thought that nothing could save this movie anymore. So much more was required here whether be it a story line, sequences of events, may be even the refinement in the car racing sequences. Overall, Need for Speed is a damn boring, dull and unentertaining watch.

Verdict: - Sluggish and Boring
Ratings: -  2 / 5 Stars

 Need For Speed Movie Official Trailer

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  1. This movie is here to entertain. It hit all my expectations, which were all brought together in that final race, and because of that it was the second time in two months where a movie took me back to my childhood.