Friday, 14 March 2014

Gulaab Gang Movie Review

Gulaab Gang (U/A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 19 min.

Gulab Gang is about women in power. It mostly revolves around two women Rajjo (Madhuri Dixit) & Sumitra Devi (Juhi Chawla), their clashes & fight for more power. Gulaab Gang isn’t watchable & yet it’s flawed fun which not convincing. Few good dialogue and dramatic scenes makes this watchable but it’s truly not a good entertainer. There are issues raised in the film rape, women status in society and many others. Gulaab Gang makes use of too much of regional Hindi that makes it a bit hard to understand few dialogues even for native Hindi speaker if he doesn’t understand that kind of Hindi.

Gulaab Gang has many of its positive points like the clash between Rajjo & Sumitra Devi makes the drama interesting and unpredictable. What lacks here is some structuring and refinement in the plot which could have made it better entertainer. Madhuri Dixit looks quite younger than Juhi Chawla in the film. Rajjo just want to build a school in their village meanwhile runs a gang named Gulaab Gang. Sumitra Devi is a politician who wants to win by hook or crook. Rajjo decides to fight election against Sumitra Devi. Is Rajjo able to build the school? Can Rajjo be able to win the election against Sumitra Devi? 

Gulaab Gang being inspired from realistic events shows struggle of women in the society as well as find the respect they deserve. Background story of Rajjo isn’t well defined neither Gulaab Gang is properly introduced to us. Realistic fighting scenes could have been better than they actually are. Overall, Gulaab Gang is an average watch with somewhat entertainment stuff.

Verdict: - Average

Ratings: -  2/ 5 Stars

Gulaab Gang Movie Official Trailer

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