Monday, 31 March 2014

Dishkiyaoon Movie Review


Length: - 1hr. 59 min.

Dishkiyaoon is quiet similar kind of stuff which Bollywood produce regularly. Obviously, such kind of films have stopped working at box office currently. Harman Baweja who is a well-educated actor from Bollywood. Yet, none of his films were a box office success. Dishkiyaoon is a film which you can watch from any point of time, chances are high that you won’t miss anything here. Overstretched drama, unenjoyable romance, complicated gangster story are some of the ingredients of this film which makes you suffer rather than enjoying it.

Dishkiyaoon is most about a kind hearted gangster Viki Kartoos (Harman Baweja), biggest problem with the film was it tries to deliver something substantial through an ordinary way to convey it. In a long than the usual required scene of Viki trying to steal a black diary of significant importance. I felt the filmmaker was trying to make something substantial but in an absolutely wrong way. Sequences in the film are boring enough that after a while you just think what’s going on here? Viki is gangster by his circumstances, portraying his story to Lakwa (Sunny Deol).

This film involves actors involved like Sunny Deol, Aditya Pancholi but they are just kept on the side line meanwhile Harman Baweja is the lead actor her. A wanna be big gangster Viki is taking advice from his guru and that’s how he gets some respect in a gang.  This films seems like re launching of the Harman Baweja which doesn’t seems to work out here. The kind of stuff Dishkiyaoon wants to deliver was mostly being conveyed more than a decade back in Bollywood. At this point at Bollywood or watching the current trend at Bollywood; Dishkiyaoon is a film which is unable to satisfy audience’s needs, wants and demand.

Verdict: - Below Average

Ratings: - 1.5 / 5 Stars

Dishkiyaoon Movie Official Trailer

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