Thursday, 27 February 2014

Common trends in Leonardo DiCaprio's films

1. Does some of weird things

In most of Leonardo Dicaprio movies he is always seen doing something weird or strange like in the movie The Great Gatsby he gives party irrespective of any occasion. In a similar way he does the same in his recent movie The Wolf of Wall Street he spends money like anything in partying and celebrating almost all the time. The way he pursues anything is also strange in most of his films & that’s what makes him a famous actor i.e. his uniqueness towards anything and everything. Leonardo’s strangeness cannot be explained but it can only be experienced like his etiquette and mannerism. If you watch his films regularly, you will definitely become his fan.  

2. Flirting all the time

Dicaprio can be seen flirting all the time in his most of his films meanwhile he is mostly focused towards one girl in a film. In The Great Gatsby he wants to get his old girlfriend back while in The Wolf of Wall Street he wants to get a girl whom he meets in a party and gets attracted to her immediately. In Titanic movie Leonardo wants to be with a girl whom he meets in the ship.

Most of the girls he wants so badly are involved with someone else in a relationship in his films. This is true for three movie i.e. Titanic, The Great Gatsby & The Wolf of Wall Street.

3. Highly talented but still struggling

Leonardo is a highly talented whether it is in real or the reel life. In the film Inception he specializes in a specific type of security subconscious security meanwhile in The Wolf of Wall Street he is expert Stock Broker. In films like The Great Gatsby it’s not made clear that what he specializes in but he is really talented in what he do that makes in highly successful person both in the films as well as real life.

He struggles to clear charges which is being putted on him in the film Inception meanwhile somewhat similar at one point of time in the filmThe Wolf of Wall Street. In Titanic and The Great Gatsby he struggles to get the girl he wants.

4. Rich Tycoon

Leonardo’s most of the film shows him as a rich tycoon although some exceptions exist like Titanic. But, yes in his recent films he is actually shown quiet rich like The Wolf of Wall Street and The Great Gatsby.

In spite of being rich or poor he is never shown to have control on the way he spends the money. The richer his character is in the film more he spends the money in many cases on less worthy stuffs.

5. His life is a mystery

Although everything is made clear in most of Dicaprio’s movies but still his life is somewhat secretive like The Great Gatsby it’s never shown how he becomes rich from a poor guy. Although some of the things are being unfolded in his films but still there is some sort of confusion related to some of the events in his life. In the movie Inception his character goes through multilayered unfolding but still there are many things which remains disclosed.

6.  Doesn’t get a girl in the end

In some of Leonardo’s films he doesn’t get the girl he is chasing for almost all the time in the film. True for the films The Great Gatsby and Titanic. In Inception his wife was already dead so there wasn’t even a chance of getting her back. In The Wolf of Wall Street his second wife whom he loves the most also gives him divorce.

7. Highly focused on his work

Whatever Leonardo’s character does in a film, he is highly focused towards that. His character doesn’t get distracted even from the most horrible and shocking conditions but rather puts every possible effort to get the things done. In Inception he is focused to get back to his home to meet his children by doing last job.In The Wolf of Wall Street at one point of time his drug addicted character is unable to make a move yet he puts an never ending effort to do what he wants to do. in The Great Gatsby he almost knows that his ex. girlfriend is married and its hard to get her back.

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