Saturday, 1 February 2014

One By Two Movie Review

One By Two (U/A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 20 min.

From the starting itself the film is too boring, similar to one of the dialogues in the film in which a girl says you are boring blah blah blah. One by two is just a series of non-connected events, what’s lacking here is the proper flowchart of the execution of the plot. In today’s corporate world where chit chat and child play is not so common, here in the film you see people playing with hard disk, chatting so much about the youthful activities. There are some interesting moments in which screen splits up into two parts and shows the reaction of the hero and heroine is the same at some point of time.

Samara Patel (Preeti Desai) is a London born Indian girl who wanted to be a great dancer. For that she is trying to prove herself by winning a big dance competition is meanwhile a dragging drama. One liners of the film isn’t impressive, they are just Pakao. Amit Sharma (Abhay Deol) works for a computer organization; his character is frustrated and bored with his life. Film’s focus is on today’s youth who are trying to define their identity in the world.

One by Two is a complete let down by Abhay Deol, this actor usually chooses films with interesting and unconventional scripts. In this film as a Producer cum Actor he has not done good job. There is one more central character a girl named Shishika with whom Amit’s mother want him to tie a knot. Amit just meets her because his mom forces him to do so. This track is not all entertaining one, you need a lot of patience to tolerate this film. Although, in case of good movies the length doesn’t matter. Surely, in case of a boring ones it feel very difficult to pass the time.

Verdict: - Hard to tolerate

Ratings: -   1.5 / 5  Stars

One By Two Movie Official Trailer

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