Sunday, 9 February 2014

Non-Stop Movie Trailer Review

Non Stop movie is based on an interesting plot; which is about a US Marshall Bill Marks (Liam Neeson) while traveling in a plane from New York to London discovers that someone starts giving him warning that he will someone every 20 minutes on the plane. Marks receives these message on a secure network connected phone. The killer demands for  $150 million to be transferred to a bank account.It comes into the notice that the bank account on which the money needs to be transferred is in Marks name only. Mark believes that this actually a set up and something else is going on behind this. Who is the actual killer, will marks be able to catch him? What’s something else which Mark thinks is going on? How Marks gets over these things? Is Mark the killer himself?

Based on the recent films done by Liam Neeson, he has created some sort of audiences for his own genre. Liam Neeson did films like Taken 1 & 2, Unknown in the recent time which were about the robbery, crime or even both. And now this time he is coming up the film named Non-Stop.All of these films are the suspense thrillers with Liam Neeson as main lead. Female lead of this film is a well-known Oscar award winning actress Julianne Moore who will be playing Jen Summers in this film. She is a passenger who meets Marks while travelling on the same flight.

Non-Stop film’s trailer creates curiosity as per the plot is concerned.If you liked Liam Neeson’s recent films like Taken & Unknown & loved it. You will love this one too. But if you haven’t watched them then maybe you should  watch them till this one releases. In my opinion these were good thriller films with some good action scenes. I hope that Non- Stop will also be equally good like them.As it appears from the trailer that it should a good one. Non-Stop will be released in US on 21st Feb 2014. I am waiting it for it, are you?

Verdict: -  Sounds Good

Ratings:-  3 / 5 Stars

Non-Stop Movie Official Trailer

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