Sunday, 9 February 2014

Need For Speed Trailer Review

Need for Speed (NFS) in my opinion is a fast pace action thriller film. NFS Central character is Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul) who comes out of prison after two years. It was a setup from someone else to send him to jail. Tobey Marshall is a street racer meanwhile he is quite popular for the same. As said in the film’s trailer “Racing is an art but racing a passion it’s an high art”. The film follows Tobey's desire for the revenge. Need for Speed is assumed to be released in 3D format.

From the NFS trailer, it seems that the film has numerous fast paced car sequences. This could be a really fun movie to watch because some of the breathtaking moments of fast paced car racing, chasing and other relevant stuff. Watching NFS will be enjoyable experience because it has correct proportion of emotions, high tech location, car action sequences.

If you watch NFS trailer for the first time its so beautiful that then and there  itself you may decide to watch this film. Obviously this was my feeling when I saw the trailer for the first time. Need for Speed is supposed to be released on 14th March 2014 in US. Hopefully, 3D will make this one even more  thrilling, enjoyable and entertaining film.

Need for Speed can be compared to the famous film franchise Fast & Furious which has similar ingredients like this film.Here, it’s a revenge based plot theme on a street racer's life.Aaron Paul a famous television actor from Breaking Bad is playing the main lead.As Aaron is not that big star, let’s see how well he does in this film. Need for Speed is being inspired from a video game series by the same name; may be that will differentiate this film from Fast & Furious series. Finally, I would recommend that you watch this film if you like sports or high speed cars & high tech action films.

Verdict: - Good One

Ratings: - 3.5 / 5  Stars

Need For Speed Movie Official Trailer 2

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