Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Lone Survivor Movie Review

Lone Survivor (U/A)

Length: - 2hrs. 1 min.

Lone Survivor is based on true events of US Navy SEAL’s, who are on a mission to catch Taliban leader, Ahmad Shah. Lone Survivor is based on a book which is a non-fiction story of the American soldiers set somewhere in Afghanistan. The film has sets which actually looks quiet realistic and believable. At one point of time people falling from a mountain seems a little overstretched. The never ending war scenes which constitutes of excellent camera work, continuous gunshots and injured officers struggling to survive.

 Director Peter Berg never takes a single wrong step for making this film a satisfying and engaging watch. The whole story is about survival of Marcus Lattrell (Mark Wahlberg) while fighting against an army. Marcus along with his three teammates lands in Afghanistan & comes in a situation of dilemma when seen by three villagers. If Marcus and his teammates let them go; they will die.

The mission of capturing the Taliban leader actually fails meanwhile how these Navy officers struggle to survive. Excellent cinematography makes this film even more watchable. Sometimes the brutal scenes are hard to watch like a guy stitching his wounds is shown so close that you may be shaked while watching it. If you cannot watch violent action scenes you may have hard time to watch this one. Overall, Lone Survivor is entirely watchable and enjoyable.    


Verdict: - Nice 

Ratings:-  3.5/ 5 Stars

 Lone Survivor Movie Official Trailer

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