Monday, 20 January 2014

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Movie Review

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (U/A)

Length: - 1 hr. 50 min.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is ambitious but boring drama. It’s an action spy film which could have been better in every way. Jack Ryan is the fifth installment in the series by the same name; it’s a reboot of all the versions of the film. From the beginning till the end of the film you feel starving for so much more, which you never gets. Jack Ryan (Chris Pine) gets injured in an attack in Afghanistan after which he tries to learn walking and running again for years. After which he joins a mission with a CIA agent Harper (Kevin Coster) to save US from Russian attack, which may cause a severe damage to US economy.

In most of the film, I felt the mission was pretty straight forward. There isn’t much involvement of the intelligence unlike other spy movies. This movie doesn’t build up the actual tension which it was supposed to. The plot is multilayered and there isn’t much unfolding of the situation or circumstances. Before the climax itself you might be able to predict most of the things; which should not be the case in such kind of films.

Usually in the good spy films there are always numerous unfolding as the plot proceeds but here what you get isn’t satisfactory. The film has been shot mostly in Moscow with few scenes in London, US and Afghanistan, which does provide you some moments. The way such locations are being shot is really beautiful. Overall, this film is just boring enough.

Verdict: - Ambitious but remains boring watch

Ratings: -   2 / 5 Stars

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Movie Official Trailer


  1. Nice review.Do you like watch every movie which comes by?

    1. Thanx not every movie but pretty much many of them