Saturday, 25 January 2014

Jai Ho Movie Review

Jai Ho (U/A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 25 min.

In Salman Khan’s films everything is predefined, he will comfortably beat hundreds of guys. Superhero’s of Hollywood are also unable to do so; even after having superpowers. It could be reason that may be audiences just want to see Salman in the theatres and whistle,when he comes on screen or beating the guys. Probably that’s the definition of having a good time for them. Salman Khan recently said that he is one of the less hardworking among the Khan’s. Most of his films which has come in the last few years were almost the same, only Ek Thi Tiger was a little bit different probably because it was being made among different banner i.e. YRF.

The actual conditions of a common man in India is really fucked up; agreed. We need someone like Salman Khan in our real life to get over it but it’s obviously not possible to have one. It’s really to connect such characters with real life.

Here is Jai Agnihotri (Salman Khan) an ex. Army officer who is always ready to help people. He comes with a new concept of each one help three people instead of thanking the person who helped him. Also, while helping he should tell the person to help other three. Dashrat Singh (Danny Denzongpa) is a corrupt Home Minister and the main villain. In the film it’s also being said that you don’t have to be a minister or a big guy to help people.

Jai ho has the biggest list of supporting actors, probably highest among any other films. Few of the lead cast includes Geeta (Tabu) as Jai’s sister, Mohnish Bahl as a Chief Minister, Ashmit Patel as Sumit, Mahesh Manjrekar as a rickshaw driver and the list goes on. Obviously, this film belongs to Salman then why did he needs such a strong supporting cast in spite of being most successful actor of Bollywood of current time. Probably because of some unknown and unobvious reasons.

Jai Ho has just three ingredients i.e. thought for a change, little romance, and numerous fighting action sequences. Most of the action sequences are stretched more than required. In the final action sequence which seems a never ending one in which Salman Khan removes his shirt like he does in his almost in all films. Was it is actually required, probably not but that’s what he is known for.

Verdict: - Not Good

Ratings:-  2 / 5 Stars

Jai Ho Movie Official Trailer

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Carrie Movie Review

Carrie (A)

Length: - 1 hr. 41 min.

Carrie is a remake of classic horror film by the same name which came in 1976. The story is actually adapted from the Stephen King’s 1974 novel by the same name Carrie. The film revolves around a girl named Carrie who has some sort of power, which she herself is unaware of initially. Movie named Chronicle did a good job for the films of similar genre, here Carrie is not that good. Perhaps, the film also seems to be limited by its plot. Based on the teenage lifestyle this film is often boring.

Julianne Moore plays an awful, psycho, highly religious mother. Do not know why whether limitations of her role or character but she isn’t as impressive as she could have been. Carrie (Chloe Grace Moretz) a shy, lonely and underestimated girl who studies in High School. The teen life related topic also some sort of packs this film into certain boundary from which it could not come out or being stuck. Carrie every time tries to sort out the issues but every time either her mother or awful friends just takes her to trouble.

Predictable story, sequences does makes you some sort of restless. Although, it’s a true picture of the real life that how awful , egoist and even the normal people treat loners or shy person in our society but still the entertainment is not being extracted from it. There isn’t a good lesson or message for us in the end; probably how to behave in better way by respecting each other’s feelings should have been present.

Yes, the film shows the outcome you might get because of teasing someone unnecessarily, which was a good point. Possibly a better ending should have been how a society should treat the loners in a better way because may be such people are very talented and should get the respect every human deserve. Overall, Carrie could have been with a faster pace and could have ended in much more dramatic way.

Verdict: - Average

Ratings:-  2 / 5 Stars

Carrie Movie Official Trailer

Monday, 20 January 2014

American Hustle Movie Review

American Hustle (A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 19 min.

American Hustle is a masterpiece, a work well performances, excellent set up and dialogues. Just 10 minutes into the film, you will realize that this is a classy one. Inspired from the true events as the film claims that some of this actually happened. Set in the 70’s in New York, it’s actually closely experiencing the things which existed at that time in a social way. “Everyone hustle to survive” is the tagline of the film, numerous witty one liners with a decent plot makes this one an engaging watch. Plot is strong enough to hold your breath till the end.

David O Russell- Director of the film never takes single wrong step. Length of “American Hustle” is appropriate, doesn’t make you feel lengthy or overstretched. Abscam which is a short for “Arab Scam”, it is from there the film is being originated. American hustle is about a rogue FBI agent forcing a mysterious big laundry owner and his mistress to help him into the case. Whether be it drugs, cleavage or get ups this movie has everything to satisfy your desire with surprising interesting narrative.

Amy Adams is stunning, she utilizes her feminism in an accurate way. I personally find her one step ahead in most of the scenes. Christian Bale get up is different from other films. He is playing a much heavy weight than from his normal life, having just few hairs on his head. He uses special arrangement to fix that which takes a long time. Christian looks so realistic and plays in an amateur manner. Jennifer Lawrence is a charming, short tempered wife; who has no good reason to give his husband divorce. Bradley Cooper get up is normal in a role of a rogue FBI agent, he is fine in his part. Overall, American Hustle is a film which should not be missed.

Verdict: - Simply Superb

Ratings: -   4 / 5 Stars

American Hustle Movie  Official Trailer

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Movie Review

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (U/A)

Length: - 1 hr. 50 min.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is ambitious but boring drama. It’s an action spy film which could have been better in every way. Jack Ryan is the fifth installment in the series by the same name; it’s a reboot of all the versions of the film. From the beginning till the end of the film you feel starving for so much more, which you never gets. Jack Ryan (Chris Pine) gets injured in an attack in Afghanistan after which he tries to learn walking and running again for years. After which he joins a mission with a CIA agent Harper (Kevin Coster) to save US from Russian attack, which may cause a severe damage to US economy.

In most of the film, I felt the mission was pretty straight forward. There isn’t much involvement of the intelligence unlike other spy movies. This movie doesn’t build up the actual tension which it was supposed to. The plot is multilayered and there isn’t much unfolding of the situation or circumstances. Before the climax itself you might be able to predict most of the things; which should not be the case in such kind of films.

Usually in the good spy films there are always numerous unfolding as the plot proceeds but here what you get isn’t satisfactory. The film has been shot mostly in Moscow with few scenes in London, US and Afghanistan, which does provide you some moments. The way such locations are being shot is really beautiful. Overall, this film is just boring enough.

Verdict: - Ambitious but remains boring watch

Ratings: -   2 / 5 Stars

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Movie Official Trailer

Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Wolf of Wall Street Movie Review

The Wolf of Wall Street (A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 54 min.

The Wolf of Wall Street is not just a film it’s a journey of being desperate to be successful. Sex elements is just too much in the film; one of the unique and the weird scenes erotic scenes of all time are present in the film. Leonardo is an actor whom in my opinion has the capability of turning something uninteresting into highly entertaining one. It’s truly unbelievable how he makes the sequences of the debating his company employees into highly entertaining ones.

One of the really interesting scene was how a drug addicted Leonardo who is unable to make a moment at that point of time gets motivated by watching Popeye cartoon character eating spinach. Film is just about Dicaprio and his efforts for making this one entertaining in every possible way. The actual version of the film is of three hours but Indian censor board has made it short by 6 min because of the sex elements not acceptable as per Indian cinema standards. How often do you watch such film which are as entertaining as this one?

In most of the Leonardo’s films many of the things are well defined some of them are he is quiet rich, he an expert in specific field, he does something are or the other illegal and so on. Most of them are present here as well.

This one a dark comedy film which revolves about a character named Jordan Belfort (Leonardo Dicaprio) who loses his job of stock broker in a market clash in 87 in New York. After which how he gets motivated to start his own firm and ends his relationship with his wife Teresa Petrillo (Cristin Milioti) because of the new girl of interest named Naomi Lapaglia (Margot Robbie). How Jordan deals to with FBI agent Patrick Denham (Kyle Chandler) with the illegal issues of his firm, is what film is all about.

Verdict: - Nice

Ratings:-   3.5 / 5 Stars 

The Wolf of Wall Street Movie Official Trailer

Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Movie Review

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (U/A)

Length: -   1 hr. 54 min.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a romantic adventure fantasy drama which never explores it full potential. It often gives you imaginative scenes which are hard to associate with the reality. The plot is thin which has nothing really striking to offer; this ends in an unexpected way. What was being expected was a multilayered storytelling with some unpredictable twists and turns. But this one never really offers you some turning moments. Visuals of the film are stunning, which is the only reason to watch this film.

Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) is a photographic negative assets manager of Life magazine who loses one of the crucial negative which is supposed to be on the cover page of the magazine in the next as well as last edition. Walter has secret crush on her colleague Cheryl (Kristen Wiig) , he always dream of making conversation with her. Walter’s awful boss Ted Hendricks (Adam Scott) gives a warning to Walter that if he doesn’t bring the negative tomorrow, he will be fired. Walter goes for a journey in order to search for the same. Is Walter be able to get the negative on time? Is Walter be able to express his feelings towards Cheryll?

The plot is based on a short story by James Thurber in 1939, may be this story doesn’t have much to offer like the film. Other than some awesome visual sequences from Himalayas, Iceland etc. I personally did not enjoy the film much. What is hard to believe here is how someone’s work everywhere even the places where there seems to be no people. Overall, I will say that Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a just an average watch.

Verdict: - Average

Ratings: -   2 / 5 Stars

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Movie Official Trailer

Dedh Ishqiya Movie Review

Dedh Ishqiya (U/A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 38 min.

Dedh Ishqiya is a hardcore Urdu drama with a lot of shero shayari or witty lines. It is actually a hardcore Indian drama with the complete setup. Maduri Dixit is amazing in the film; you just cannot take off your eyes from her. Other characters are interesting too like Jaan Mohammed played by Vijay Raaz last seen in Delhi Belly seems to be just natural.

Two Shayar’s fighting for the love of Begum Para (Madhuri Dixit) which takes interesting twists and turns. One of the good one liners from the film is “Ladkiya chipkali se darti hai aur noodle pe marti hai”. Plot of the film looks natural as well as idealistic. Most of the time in the film you feel nothing is wrong here, everything seems to be in place.

Dedh Ishqiya is not as unpredictable as the previous one but still is equally enjoyable. Sometimes you starving for some more twists and turns than actually present here. But, in the end finally, I felt they were enough as per the requirement of the film. This sequel creates exactly similar ambience like the previous one that you feel watching extended version of the same stuff.

Climax is made quite dramatically interesting, it does make a positive impact for the ending chapter. In total, Dedh Ishqiya is an entirely engaging and enjoyable film. Arshad Warsi & Naseeruddin Shah makes a fine combo which is extremely compatible and supportive towards each other. Huma Qureshi has also acted fine in the film.

Verdict: - Nice

Ratings: -   3.5 / 5 Stars

Dedh Ishqiya Theatrical  Movie Trailer

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Joe B Carvalho Movie Review

Joe B Carvalho (U/A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 16 min.

Since inception you will realize that this film has been made with intentional dump ass characters which has no resemblance to reality. Few years back we use to have just a scene in the film where the characters are shown dump or people react in a comic way. Here is the improvement, this improvement this whole film is about dump characters who should make it comic. How long you enjoy the same kind of comedy again.

Detective Joe B Carvalho (Arshad Warsi) is a dump character who is innocent and focused on work. Joe B lives with his mother played by Himani Shivpuri who seems to be blind, we are made to laugh on what she does. Honestly, instead of laughing, I personally felt annoying by watching such morons. After interval you might become familiar with such a non-sense and boring drama. Inspector ShantiPriya (Soha Ali Khan) is playing a Dabangg cop in the film. After a little intro scene she doesn’t do anything significant.

Carlos (Jaaved Jaaferi) is a professional killer who is always dressed up like female without any reason. Other than the characters the plot doesn’t seems to be well defined. It’s just a collection of ridiculous and non-sense events which makes an unsuccessful attempt in entertaining us.

Its hard to understand how Soha Ali Khan loves and hates Arshad Warsi at the same time. Also, it’s practically impossible that if someone calls villain name i.e. Carlos he gets hit by something or the other.

Verdict: -   Poor

Ratings: - 1 / 5 stars

 Joe B Carvalho Movie Teaser Trailer

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Disappointing Bollywood Movies of 2013

1. 3G
3G come up as the one of the most disappointing film of the year as it tries to show sometime by 3G which is not even possible by 4G.  God knows where it goes; it doesn’t even explains the convincing story in climax. The phone is capable off doing few thing which is possible by Sci-Fi phone not a 3G phone.

2. Himmatwala
Himmatwala which is a remake of an old Bollywood film by the same name by Sajid Khan. This movie was made in a way that you need to switch off your brain while watch it.  Audience response to film was too bad; it was considered to be one of the biggest flop films of the year.

3.  Ishkq in Paris
Ishkq in Paris which was comeback film of Preity Zinta. This weak plot entertainer relies on just one night and handful of events. What is being shown in the film can be explained just in line because nothing much is actually being shown.

4. Yamla Pagla Deewana 2
After the hit of Yamla Pagla Deewena, which was also an average film only this one is absolutely boring. Sequel was made in vein as there isn’t any space for one because how are you supposed to make numerous film on a fiction mantra “ Yamala Pagla Deewana”.  

5.  Chennai Express
The one the biggest Bollywood box office money maker of all time has nothing to do with a good filmmaking because people just want to watch Shahrukh Khan not a good film. How are good filmmaker are supposed to make money if Indian audiences want such kind of films.

6. Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Dobaara
After a classic cinematic experience in Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Dobaara director Milan Luthria seems to be running out of idea as there is no reference of events to make this film unlike the earlier one based real gangster saga . In the previous he got some awesome dialogues, get up and marvelous performance by Ajay Devgn.

7. Zanjeer
Zanjeer which was a remake of the classy Bollywood film by same name was one of the most disappoint film as it never follows what is being required for a good film making. One of the hardest film of hardest film to tolerate among the ones which come this year.

8. Grand Masti
Grand Masti which is just about the skin show off and adult jokes other than you cannot expect a plot, why because it’s a Bollywood comedy which doesn’t require one. It not even a film it’s just a set of jokes arranged in an order and delivered to you.

9. Besharam
Besharam whose collections fall drastically in the day two itself because of the word of the mouth that how bad this film is. Ranbir Kapoor who is considered to be an established star now is not even supposed to think about such kind of film. It’s hard to understand that how a filmmaker made such a crap and Ranbir acted in it.

10. R….Rajkumar
R…Rajkumar should not even be considered as a film because hero here either being loving heroine or fighting with the villain. It hard to believe that how someone can watch stuff over and over for hours, he or she will definitely get migraine.

Good Bollywood Movies of 2013

1. Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster Returns
Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster Returns is a sequel to Bollywood romantic thriller Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster, this film wasn’t that good as the previous one and as per the expectations. But still, this was one of the good films of the year.

2.  D-Day
D-Day is an action spy thriller; it’s about capturing India’s most terrorist and bringing him back to India. This film follows a realistic approach and is consistently engaging watch. The explanation of details like date and time most of the time seems unnecessary, which is a minor error. Superb performance by the all the actors makes this movie adorable.  

3. B A Pass
B A Pass movie is based on the novel “Railway Aunty”, it’s one of the most erotic films of the year. B A Pass was appreciated internationally, only drawback of the film is it leaves you frustrated as it ends. Otherwise, it a good movie to watch.

4. Suddh Desi Romance
Suddh Desi Romance was one of the most interesting film of the year. Filmmaker does impresses us by the kind of the intellectual plot turns in the film. Chemistry between Sushant Sigh Rajput and Parineeti Chopra works fine while Vaani Kapoor is really good in her debut film.

5. Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ramleela
Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ramleela which was earlier named as Ramleela was one of the uniquely narrated film of the year. Classy filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali comes back on the track of box office success after two flop films i.e. Saawariya and Guzaarish. This filmmaker makes just one film in every two- three years.

6. Mere Dad Ki Maruti
Mere Dad Ki Maruti is short and crisp Punjabi drama by Yash Raj Films. This film works fine instead of having almost entire cast as a newcomer. Well known television actor Ram Kapoor has played an interesting role in the film.

7.  Raanjhanaa
Raanjhanaa was one of the best films on love in 2013. Dhanush a Tamilian actor’s shows in his first Bollywood film that what he is capable of. It shows what a true loves requires a normal man to be.