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R..Rajkumar Movie Review

R...Rajkumar (U/A)

Length:-  2 hrs. 26 min.

R…Rajkumar is damn boring from the starting itself; Prabhudeva this time also takes some of his favorite actors like Sonu Sood and Sonakshi Sinha in the film. R...Rajkumar who tells us his full name as Romeo Rajkumar instead of predictably Rambo Rajkumar. This film is not at all made to be understood it’s a collection of many nonsense events. Scene which require some seriousness are also being shot in a comic way; many of the negative characters are hilarious even while committing a crime.

 In the initial scenes Sonakshi Sinha just delivers abusing dialogues for Shahid Kapoor. Films of the similar journal doesn’t require any script it’s actually rubbish and absurd. Interval between the songs are so less, you feel that most of them were not required at all.

Romeo Rajkumar (Shahid Kapoor) works for Shivraj (Sonu Sood); saves Shivraj from his only worthy opponent Manik Parmar (Ashish Vidyarthi). After which R Rajkumar becomes his right hand; his falls in love at first sight with a girl named Chanda (Sonakshi Sinha). None of the film of the similar journal has any twists or turns in it. This one claims to have one that both Shivraj and Romeo wants to marry same girl Chanda.

Fighting sequence in which Shahid beats numerous guys after saying “silent ho ja warna mein violent ho jauga” is stretched unnecessarily. This dialogue and the fighting sequence is two times there in the film. Can we have much more respect for female actress in the films because in this as well as most of the Bollywood films they does not have much to do. In the male dominating films the real life and reel life never matches; what exists is a big ego of the villains which has to come down by the activities of lead actor.

Shahid is keep on fighting with someone or he is making love with Sonakshi. A common man cannot do anything; he just watches to whatever is happening or tolerates whatever villain does to them. One more thing that they can possibly wait for the hero to come and save them. Certainly Bollywood needs much better films not to compete with Hollywood but for themselves to be somewhere in delivering entertainment.  

Verdict: - Very Boring

Ratings: - 1 / 5 StarS

R..Rajkumar Movie Official Trailer

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