Monday, 16 December 2013

Frozen (3D) Movie Review

Frozen 3D (U)

Length: - 1 hr. 43 min.

Frozen is an animated film by Walt Disney Studio. Disney known for their lovely character Mickey Mouse starts the film with a short funny act casting Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Frozen is a bit longer than other usual animated films which usually lasts for one and half hour, possibly because of Mickey Mouse act. Frozen is a very good presentation from Disney. On the auspicious occasion of Thanksgiving, a journey of ice world with some interesting characters.

Frozen is about two princesses- Elsa and Anna. Elsa is the elder one with magical powers of creating snow with her hands but couldn’t control it. Anna is younger kindhearted, loving and caring girl. One day Elsa injuries Anna in an accident by her magical powers. Afterwards Elsa lives alone because she believes that someone else might get injured. After years Elsa comes out for a party. Again, she couldn’t control her powers and converts her whole kingdom into snow. Unaware of this fact that it’s snowing everywhere, Elsa started living to an unknown place. Anna tries to find her and stop the snow. Would Anna be able to find Elsa? Would Elsa be control her powers?

Frozen is loosely based on the based Snow Queen. It has got some beautiful character like Olaf a funny snowman. Best watchable in 3D, this film is a journey of snow world. Frozen has got some good music to make sure that you are not bored. There is no big monster or negative character in the film but it’s about fighting from inner demon.

Verdict: - Good Enough

Ratings: -   3 / 5 Stars

 Disney's Frozen  Movie Official Trailer

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