Saturday, 21 December 2013

Dhoom 3 Movie Review

Dhoom 3 (U/A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 52 min.

“Dhoom 3” is the third installment in one of the most successful Bollywood franchises named “Dhoom”. “Dhoom 3” is really disappointing, uninteresting and overstretched drama. There are just too many running and chasing sequences in the film. I don’t understand why the long intro scene of Jai Dixit was putted in the third installment. John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan showed their coolness in Dhoom 1 & 2 respectively. Here, Aamir Khan’s character tries to show the smartness rather than coolness.

Plot is the weakest point of the film otherwise “Dhoom 3” has ultraclean surface in terms of filmmaking unlike other Bollywood commercially successful films like Dabang. There are two magic tricks in the film- first is being derived from Hollywood film The Prestige and the second one isn’t impressive enough. Katrina kaif has a short and non-significant role in the film.

In Dhoom 3 at least we are being shown how the robberies took place which made it interesting to watch. In Dhoom 3 none of the robberies are being shown. After every robbery Aamir Khan just comes out of the building of the bank and is being chased by cops. Dhoom 3 has some interesting moments, also being shot in some of the gorgeous locations but it’s not thoroughly enjoyable because of the plot.

The filmmakers seems to be running out of ideas for the third installment. They don’t have a multilayered plot to show for this thief and cop chase franchise. Aamir Khan and Yash Raj Films is also a deadly combo. Aamir Khan who has come up with some of the most innovative and interesting films in the last few years. He is unable to work with his own innovative way with YRF.

YRF who never made any of the out of the box films. They just stick with the formula films which can make some money on box office but were never really innovative and highly unpredictable. Last time Aamir & YRF made Fanaa which was a crap only. Fanaa was a film in which a terrorist is never shown to commit any sort of big crime.

Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra both fails to make an impression. Even, an American girl character playing a cop, maintains silence for a long time because he fails to understand what she needs to do & why she was being hired?

Verdict: - Overstretched and uninteresting watch

Ratings: -    2. 5 /  5 Stars

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