Saturday, 30 November 2013

Bullet Raja Movie Review

Bullet Raja (U/A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 18 min.

Bullet Raja starts well, its first half is incredibly good while second half is unexpectedly slow and boring. Bullet Raja loses its track from the entry of Sonakshi Sinha’s character in the film. Dialogues are crisp and compelling which goes in the favor of the film. One of the unique dialogues from the film is “Rajneeti aur vysyavriti dono bahut hi pracheen visaya hai aur dono ka kaam hai sawdhaani se shanti banaye rakhna”.

Raja Mishra (Saif Ali Khan) & Rudra (Jimmy Shergill) meets by chance in a marriage and they becomes good friend in no time. Raja & Rudra both are being attacked by Lallan (Chunky Pandey) & his gang. Based on the advice of unknown and reliable guy they starts working for a well-known minister  Ram Babu (Raj Babbar) and quickly becomes famous gangster of UP. Because of some conflict with Raja & Rudra a big political financer Bajaj (Gulshan Grover) kills Rudra with the help of Yadav (Ravi Kishan). After which Raja tries to take revenge from them and eventually being encountered by a well-known Police Officer played by Vidyut Jamwal. Is Raja able to take his revenge, is the second half of the film?

Tigmanshu Dulia who is the both writer and director of the film after giving us good films like Paan Singh Tomar & Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster is unable to satisfy us with Bullet Raja. In bullet raja he is able to do his job only half way. What’s needed was something more than just a revenge saga in the second half. Also, some more refinement in the execution of the characters of the film.

Bullet Raja is mostly about an interesting character Raja Mishra; probably called as Bullet Raja by the film maker. This character desires so much more to execute rather than just being interesting. Saif Ali Khan gets a unique get up from his usual films. He works well but sometimes seems confused and tensed. Sonakshi Sinha has a good potential for acting but she doesn’t get much chance to proof herself. Jimmy Shergill has done a fine job from his side. Much more tighter and refined script could have made Bullet Raja thoroughly entertaining watch.

Verdict: -   Above Average

Ratings: -  2.5 / 5 Stars

Bullet Raja Movie Official Trailer

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Total Siyappa Movie Trailer Review

Total Siyappa is an upcoming Bollywood film starting Vicky Donor fame “Yami Gautam” and Pakistani singer, musician and actor “Ali Zafar”. Total Siyappa is written by Neeraj Pandey who earlier directed two good films named “A Wednesday” & “Special Chabbis”. Film is set in London on an interesting topic of Indian girl and Pakistani boy marriage. Indian Punjabi girl Asha (Yami Gautam) falls in love with a Pakistani rockstar Aman (Ali Zafar). Asha introduces Aman to her family, that’s where trouble begins. Asha’s mother played by Kirron Kher is aware of the fact that Aman is a Muslim but as soon as she comes to know that he is Pakistani, she gets hyper. How other family member reacts in an interesting way; is the plot of the film.

Controversial issue of an Indian Punjabi girl wants to marry Muslim Pakistani boy is the theme for this romantic comedy film. Most of the film seems to be based on one day event of Aman meeting Asha’s family. Final dialogue in the film trailer which is “Shahid Afridi se toh hum bhi pareshaan hai” is simply superb. There is one issue in the film parallel to the marriage of Aman and Asha which is the no-working marriage of Asha’s mother and father played by Kirron Kher and Anupam Kher; who are the real life couple as well. Total Siyappa is set to release on 31st January 2014.

Budget of the film is not too high, so it relies more on the dialogues, interesting events and narration. Yami Gautam & Ali Zafar both are looking good together in the film’s trailer.  Film is being inspired from the real life of Indians and Pakistani living abroad. They won’t face much of border issues as they face while living in their home country. What they face other than that is what film is all about, from marriage point of view? If you like watching films based on new and interesting topic, give this one a shot.

Verdict: - Predictably interesting watch for interesting topic and narration

Ratings: -   3 / 5 Stars

Total Siyappa Movie Official Trailer

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Singh Saheb The Great Movie Review

Singh Saheb The Great (U/A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 36 min.

Singh Saheb The Great is an attempt by a great combo of Sunny Deol and Anil Sharma; who gave us great film like Gadar: EK Prem Katha and The Hero: Love Story of a Spy. These two films were based on good topics and were rich in content as well. I couldn’t understand what happened while making Singh Saheb The Great (SSTG). In spite, of giving us a better film this combo sucks a time.

When I saw the trailer of I Love New Year; I thought Sunny Deol will do some interesting film in the future. Instead of his age like Khans of Bollywood but from this film he played such an old traditional character which was not expected from him. Length of the film is seems too much because of thin content in it.

I had hard time in tolerating this marvelously boring film. Although it tells us the existing problems in our system but the narration is so conventional that you often feel bored. Bringing a change to the system as its theme; SSTG has few good one liners like “Khuda kisi ko itni khudiye na de, ki usye apne siwa kuch dikhye na de”.

This film just has Sunny Deol as its soul character rest of them are just supporting cast. Prakash Raj fails to impress in his part; as his role seems to be unwritten. Amrita Rao also has a short presence on screen because of the male dominating script. Johnny Lever presence as a comic entertainer, does not add any value to the film.

Rating: -   1 / 5 Stars

Verdict:- Damn Boring

Singh Saheb The Great Movie Official Trailer(Teaser)

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein Movie Review

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein (U/A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 34 min.

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein which is inspired from the real life story of Punit Malhotra, the director of the film. Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan after being much appreciated in the film Ekk Mein Hu Aur Ek Tu; because of age difference, beautiful chemistry and an interesting plot. This time also it was expected to be equally good but it’s not the same. Film is boring right from the beginning itself. It does have the moments which gives you little bit youthful entertainment. Overall, GTPM remains an average watch and one of most less watchable films from Dharma Productions.

Sriram (Imran Khan) is fun loving, rich, party guy from a Tamilian family in Bangalore. Sriram after breaking up from his ex-girlfriend Dia (Kareena Kapoor), agrees to a girl named Vasudha (Shraddha Kapoor) selected by his parents. Sriram tells his story about Dia to Vasudha in a number of flashbacks. Dia is NGO type girl who stand for a good cause every time in a funny way. What went wrong between Sriram & Dia doesn’t sound acceptable nor does their love seems realistic.

The line between love and friendship has become thin nowadays. In the same way, films ends up showing no difference between the two. This time the chemistry between the two is not that good. Kareena looks as charming as seen in Jab We Met, Imran is good as well. What lacks is the connection and chemistry between the two. The second half is so dull and unentertaining; it’s hard to believe this is the work of Dharma Production. Anupam Kher who has a good screen presence in the second half; played the weirdest character of the film. Shraddha Kapoor is damn good in her role.

Ratings: -   2 / 5 Stars

Verdict: -   Not Good

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein Movie Official Trailer

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Goliyon ki Raasleela Ramleela Movie Review

Goliyon Ki RaasLeela Ram-Leela (U/A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 35 min.

Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ramleela is a film by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Director known for his unique work like creating massive sets, an entire new world with less influence of the real world. Characters who are the show stealers of the film are ideal and entirely different from a human being of a normal world. Film has a superb first half but in the second half our curiosity becomes less as the film tends towards the end. Ranveer and Deepika makes an excellent combo together. Dialogues are cheesy and thought provoking like “Tu toh bade jaldi maan gayi, shaadi ki liye; Itni umar toh nikal li na tere bina".

Sanjay Leela Bhansali has given his own music to the film which is fabulous. He creates a fresh Gujarti ambience which is interesting to watch. Everybody plays with the guns in the film as if they are toys. There are two communities who are rival of each other, who are Rajadis and Saneras. Ranveer belongs to the Rajadis while Deepika is from the Saneras. Their love starts from the first sight, in a gorgeous scene. Their love is also shown to be limitless instead of any circumstances. Ranveer’s performance is awesome while Deepika looks charming and different from her other films. Supriya Pathak has good screen presence in an interesting role.

There has been some issue for the film’s title which is being changed from Ramleela to Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ramleela. Probably because of some Hindu sentiments associated with the word Ramleela. Film claims to be inspired from the William Shakespaere’s epic love story Romeo and Juliet. Item song “ Ram Chahe Leela” by Priyanka Chopra is superb.

Verdict: - Good to watch for it’s interesting narrative

Ratings:-   3 / 5 Stars

Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ramleela Movie Trailer

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Satya 2 Movie Review

Satya 2 (A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 33 min.

Satya 2 is a sequel to the super hit film Satya made in 1998 by Ram Gopal Varma. Satya defined the Mumbai based gangs war can be shown well in the cinema. Satya 2 doesn’t relate itself much with the prequel in any manner. 

There are problems with the film due to which it becomes boring; first being poor performances by less or non-experienced actors. Too many characters is the second weak point of the film; making it confusing and complex to understand. Female actors are hired just like that; they just show off the skin and doesn’t do anything significant. Songs are even more horrible; they are just thrown at us without any need.

Satya (Puneet Singh Ratn) comes to Mumbai to get a job. Soon after getting the job he starts helping his boss in his illegal matters and emerges as a Don. Satya does have few friends and a love affair but nobody is even aware of what he does. Satya opens a company to earn big profits and commit big crimes. He doesn’t want to reveal his identity associated with his company. In the later half police comes to know his identity of committing such crimes and they tries to catch him. What happens to Satya after this can be seen in the film.

Satya 2 isn’t entirely unwatchable but it works in the limits; plot doesn’t make you curious enough to hold your breath. Ram Gopal Varma who has made successful films like Sarkar, Company, Satya and many others fails to do justice to this drama. Weird camera angles becomes annoying at times and makes it difficult to watch a straight forward scene.

The lead role of Satya in the film played by Puneet Singh Ratn; who tries hard but couldn’t perform well. Rest of the star cast are even worst; totally unknown faces who makes the film even less watchable.

Verdict: - Really Boring

Ratings:-  1.5 / 5 Stars

Satya 2 Movie Trailer

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Krrish 3 Movie Review

Krrish 3 (U)

Length: - 2 hrs. 32 min.

Krrish 3 was one of the most awaited films of the year. After watching this I still didn’t get what power does Krrish has and what are his weakness. Unlike other superheroes Krrish powers are undefined; he has fly sometimes, jumps really high and rest is unknown. Krrish 3 is a reboot of many superheroes and comic from Hollywood like Professor X and Magneto combo in one man as Kaal played by Vivek Oberoi. Film is full of over dramatic scenes from the beginning itself for an instance Krrish is becoming father. He rejoice dance and then afterwards his father rejoices. Krrish can be there anywhere anytime but possibly because of that he is being fired from almost all jobs.

Rajpal Yadav is just being in one scene; he doesn’t offer much laughs. Kangna Ranaut is superb in her role and looks dominating than Priyanka Chopra. Even Kangna character has more importance in the film that you feel, she lead actress not Priyanka. There are just moments like an ordinary film power packed with high visual effects. Krrish 3 lacks originality highly predictable and nothing really creative. I personally didn’t understand if Krrish has the power why his father doesn’t have them. As the film’s first installment powers were given to Krrish father but not to him then why he is so weak and just intelligent in lab.

Hrithik Roshan is the savior of the film other than the visual effect. He knows what has to be done from his side and never step. Film starring story of the first two installments and the main characters are narrated by Amitabh Bachchan. Honestly, I didn’t understand or Krrish father. Other than Kaya played Kangna no explanation is there that what power other mutants known as Maanwar in this film possess.

Whenever songs are being played, you feel like most of them are not required. Too much of Indian emotions which are actually vanishing nowadays are shown in an over dramatic way. The villain Kaal speaks Hindi but seems to be interested in attacking other countries before India. The filmmaker should understand that there are not many countries in world where Hindi is a mother tongue. Villain kills people for unintentionally funny reasons. The mutants in the film doesn’t have their own brain to think except Kaya who does uses her brain in some moments.

Krrish 3 in order to show sometime really big becomes over becomes over ambitious and flawed. The fight in climax scene between Krrish and Kaal seems to be inspired from The Matrix Trilogy.

Verdict: - Lacks creativity and originality and hence becomes tiring over longed drama.

Ratings:-  2.5 / 5 Stars

Krrish 3 Movie  Official Trailer