Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Warning 3D Movie Review

Warning 3D (U/A)

Length: - 1 hr. 49 min.

Warning is a slow and tiring drama. The dialogues are ridiculous that there seems to be no work on its writing. They are just a stupid interaction among a bunch of people. While, moving ahead this film seems to be a circumlocution of a series of events which leads nowhere. Only the cinematography of the film makes it somewhat tolerable. Warning is being shot in Fiji but it being never shown as a place. Most of the film is being shot in water to enhance the 3D effects but they not enough. The last half an hour of the film seems really unbearable.

Few friends meeting after sometime and decides to go for sailing. After being on the boat for some time everybody jumps in the water one after the other. With the fact that by mistake they pressed the ladder button twice which had made the ladder back to the ship. There is no other way to get back on the ship. They try various measures to get back including everyone ties there ropes to climb on the ship. One by one they are being attacked by a shark and couldn’t escape it. What happens next is shown at a snail pace.

There is English movie based on somewhat similar plot named “Triangle” which is excellent example how such kind of films can be made. Hopefully "Warning" is not a copy or being inspired from the film “Triangle”. Almost all the girls are being shown in the bikini but the film’s plot is being ignored.


Songs are shown as some kind of background music. In such kind of films good background music is assumed to be sufficient. There is a special song in the film sung by Sonu Nigam which is being shown in the end is good.

Verdict: - A stupid drama which is unbearable in spite of its short

Ratings:-  1 / 5 Stars

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